[Anime Review] Harlock: The Space Pirate (2013-Dubbed)

Feature length movie -

Filled with potential but lacking in just about every department. I saw this as a stand alone and have not heard of or touched any of the other source material. This movie on it's own didn't waste my time and might even be fun to watch again someday however it was severely lacking. The character motivations were irrationally capricious. It also never seemed to end. My accomplice and I felt like we had watched this for three and a half hours when to our surprise it was only an hour and fourty minutes until the ten minute credits.

I think you could take the introduction, main premise, a slightly reworked ending and make a very good movie. The main problems are in the characters themselves. Their motivations are incongruous and the "cool" factor is nill because the movie fails on timing. Even the combat was prosaic. While easily skipped over, the pseudo philosophy was poorly thought out and lacked logic or any meaningful link to the story.

Still, it had potential and was mildly entertaining.

2 stars




Best part of the whole movie was that awesome looking pirate ship! It could have it's own series!

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The awe at the smoke and how it surged out of the cloud was pretty cool. It seemed pretty indestructible except that it was easily boarded.