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Crochet Pattern - Switch Sock

Switch Sock

Yarn: sweet roll fruits
Hook: 5.5 mm
Gauge: 14 sts x 16 rows
Un stretched: 4 x 10.5 in
Stretched: 4.25 x 10.5 in


Chain 14
Set up Row: sc in second chain from the end , sc in each chain to end of the row, sc 3 in last st of chain, Continue sc around the back of chain, sc 3 in end (30)
From now on we will continue to crochet around without increasing so that it forms a tube.
Place marker in first st

Grannys got a new bag

Granny square bottom bag

I wanted a cute gift bag and this pattern came about! It's an open granny square at the bottom (not good for holding tiny things but great for wrapped gifts!) and granny stitch up the sides with a handle at the top.

Hook size: 4 mm
Yarn used: Light Fingering yarn + Thread-type yarn = Fingering
Gauge: Not overly important
Colours:I used a silver cotton thread and a sequined black and silver yarn.

-Start granny square and continue for 8 rounds (alt do granny sq with no holes):

Crochet Pattern - Pensive Brimmed Hat

I wanted a nice textured hat with a flipped up brim and this hat came about!

Hook size: 5.5 mm
Yarn used: Worsted weight
Gauge: Not overly important
Colours: I changed colours randomly, you can use all one colour or change at the start of any row. Having a contrasting brim colour

Do not join unless stated.

Top of the hat

Round 1: 8 hdc into a magic ring.

Place marker in 1st hdc of round and move up as you go to keep track of start. (8 stitches)

Harvest Gaming 2022 / Samhain Gaming 2022

Furiously Eclectic People
are proud to present our third annual
Virtual Harvest GameCon aka SamhainCon

Come join us for fun and thrilling games as well as a couple groupwatches.

Summer Multishawl

Hook Size: 8 mm
Yarn used: Dahlia cotton by Hobbii
Colour way: 07 Mystery Day

Foundation hdc 70 stitches, join to first (from here to the end you are working in the round)
Every Row: work in spiral hdc in 3rd loop (The third loop is the loop behind the < )
Repeat until out of yarn

Forms a tube to drape lengthwise over shoulders or pull over your head as a cowl (can be pulled down to cover shoulders and pull up to have a hood as well!)

Tracy's Furiously Eclectic Game

Still around but haven't posted in awhile. Still gaming every Thursday. I just thought I'd show my game store bulletin board.

Corner to Corner Dish/Face Cloth

C2C Dish/Face Cloth

Hook size: 3.0 mm
Yarn used: Hobbii Cotton Kings Soft Print
Weight: Super Fine (1)
Colour: 207 (Red multiple shades)
Finished size : 7" x 7"

Skills required: Must be familiar with C2C technique using hdcs
For a tutorial on C2C go here:

[FAL] S43 Heroes of Hallo | Cottaging in the Valley aka The Roleplaying Session

Entry 43

Recap (Entry 42 - The Trees Have It); Storm of Doom: Violet to the left of you and lumbering beast to the right. Into the Valley of Death, I mean, Valley of Safety. Gepeto stuffed into Turb's overalls. Fetra blown away but saved by Cascade throwing her net creating a Fetra-Kite. Pawson swept backward with Peter attempting to save him but also losing his footing. He wrapped a rope around himself as he blew by Mo who dove for the other end - Priestly Hookup engaged!

Harvest Gaming 2021

Our second annual Harvest/Samhain Gaming event is coming up!

Check it out!


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