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Winners and Losers: Harley Quinn, Bloodshot, Comic Con, The New Yorker

First Comics News - 8 hours 28 min ago

Chris goes over this week’s Winners & Losers of the comics world.
Winner: Harley Quinn, Winner (we think): Bloodshot, Someone will Win and Someone will Lose: Comic-Con, Loser: The New Yorker.

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First Comics News - 11 hours 26 min ago

Valiant is proud to reveal your first look inside HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – AN ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT and MUST-READ MILESTONE building a bridge between the bloodstained fallout of “MASSACRE” and HARBINGER WARS 2, Valiant’s seismic 2018 crossover event! On November 8th, multiple Harvey Award nominee Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA) bring the Valiant Universe’s most powerful forces to bear before a dreaded and unrepentant foe that’s more ancient, more sinister, and more dangerous than anything they’ve faced before…

Beneath the wreckage of the Harbinger Foundation, there is a secret that even Toyo Harada grew to fear. A secret simply known as… the Stormbringer.

And Alexander Solomon is about to set it free.

This near-immortal telekinetic has troubled mankind for centuries… and left the ruins of civilizations it in its wake. Now, for the first-time, the modern-day Valiant Universe confronts the reality of its evil head on in an all-new, standalone battle royale revisiting Solomon’s decades-old gambit to unleash the Stormbringer’s wrath… and guest-starring H.A.R.D. Corps, the Bleeding Monk, and more of HARBINGER’s most important and influential characters across the ages!

Out of the ashes of “MASSACRE,” the march towards the most consequential Valiant event of all time continues with an epic revelation at the heart of the HARBINGER mythos, only in HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – featuring covers by Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS), Roberto de la Torre (Daredevil), Juan José Ryp (NINJAK), Khari Evans (HARBINGER), and Ben Tiesma (BLOODSHOT’S DAY OFF)!

THEN: In May 2018, prepare for war as superstar writers Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR) and Eric Heisserer (SECRET WEAPONS) join blockbuster artists Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR) and Raul Allen (SECRET WEAPONS) for HARBINGER WARS 2 – the seismic 2018 crossover event colliding X-O Manowar, the Harbinger Renegades, Livewire, Bloodshot, and all of Valiant’s most formidable heroes!

For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and

For Valiant merchandise and more, visit

Cover A by CLAYTON HENRY (SEP172034)
Cover B by ROBERTO DE LA TORRE (SEP172035)
Cover C by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (SEP172036)
Variant Cover by KHARI EVANS (SEP172037)
Variant Cover by BEN TIESMA (SEP172038)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale NOVEMBER 8th (FOC – 10/16/17)

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Cover A by Clayton Henry

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Cover B by Roberto de la Torre

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Cover C by Juan José Ryp

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Interior Art by Juan José Ryp

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Interior Art by Juan José Ryp

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Interior Art by Juan José Ryp

HARBINGER RENEGADE #0 – Interior Art by Juan José Ryp

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The Expanse: Origins Original Graphic Novel Debuts in February 2018

First Comics News - 11 hours 29 min ago

BOOM! Studios announces an all-new story by franchise creator
James S. A. Corey


LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (September 20, 2017) – BOOM! Studios and Alcon Entertainment are excited to announce THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS original graphic novel (OGN), arriving in comic shops and bookstores in February 2018. This softcover features an all-new story by The Expanse creator and The New York Times bestselling author James S. A. Corey that officially ties into both the worlds of the hit novels and acclaimed television series on Syfy, with a spotlight on fan-favorite character Detective Miller (portrayed by Thomas Jane). Additionally, an edition of THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN containing 16 extra pages of bonus material, including a writers’ commentary and process art, will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN also collects the digital-first, four-issue eponymous limited series, written by The Expanse television series writers Hallie Lambert and Georgia Lee, and illustrated by Huang Danlan (Venus), in print for the first time. This collection also officially ties into The Expanse canon and reveals the untold stories of James Holden (played by Steven Strait), Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper), Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar), and Amos Burton (Wes Chatham), the crew who commandeered the Martian navy vessel known as the Rocinante.

“We wanted to take a peek at who our beloved crew was before the Rocinante,” says Lee. “The show hints that each has painful secrets. ORIGINS gives us clues as to what those might be, and why our heroes ultimately find home in each other.”

“Writing comics exercises different creative muscles than writing for television,” says Lambert. “I grew up reading and loving comics and graphic novels, but having this opportunity to write them has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation for the art form.”

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ eponymous imprint, home to a diverse group of original and licensed comic book series, including The Woods by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas, Klaus by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora, Grass Kings by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, WWE, Big Trouble in Little China, and Planet of the Apes.

“Working with James S. A. Corey and the rest of the team to create meaningful new stories in the world of THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS was a thrill and privilege,” says Cameron Chittock, series editor at BOOM! Studios. “I can’t wait for fans to see what they’ve uncovered, particularly for everyone’s favorite detective.”

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN features a cover by The Rahzzah (Marvel’s Luke Cage) and will be available for sale in February 2018 at local comic book shops (to find a shop near you, visit; booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million; or through the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app. The edition with bonus material will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

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WWE Superstar AJ Styles Makes His WWE Comics Writing Debut in WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Special

First Comics News - 11 hours 37 min ago

Oversized one-shot coming from BOOM! Studios in January 2018

Main cover by Xermánico                            Variant cover by Juan Doe

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (September 21, 2017) – BOOM! Studios and WWE are excited to announce the WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 SPECIAL, arriving in stores January 2018 and featuring some of the biggest WWE Superstars in history! In this oversized special, WWE Superstar AJ Styles makes his WWE comics writing debut in the “phenomenal” story of his first WWE appearance. He is joined by co-writer Michael Kingston (Headlocked) in this special celebration of the titular pop-culture phenomenon, which also includes new stories from acclaimed talent such as Ryan Ferrier (Kong on the Planet of the Apes), Kevin Panetta (Regular Show), Kendall Goode (The Doorman), and Daniel Bayliss (WWE: Then. Now. Forever.).

“I’ve performed in arenas all over the world, but the most special debut was in front of the WWE Universe at Royal Rumble,” says AJ Styles.

“AJ and I are friends and we have similar creative mindsets, so working with him is a breeze,” says Michael Kingston. “We collaborated on a story for Headlocked that was a lot of fun, so when the opportunity to work together again arose, it was really a no-brainer.”

WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 SPECIAL features other untold stories behind some of the greatest Royal Rumble matches in history. From Ric Flair winning his first rumble to Shawn Michaels going the distance after teetering on the edge, this special showcases the greatest Superstars in sports entertainment history!

The main cover for WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 SPECIAL is illustrated by Xermánico (Injustice: Gods Among Us), with a special cover by Juan Doe (American Monster, John Carter: The End) featuring “The Beast” Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman.

Print copies of WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 SPECIAL will be available for sale in January 2018 at local comic book shops (use to find the nearest one) or at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.

“The WWE Specials provide an all-star team of creators the opportunity to explore WWE’s greatest moments, and WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 SPECIAL will take things to a phenomenal level with the addition of a story written by AJ Styles,” says Chris Rosa, Associate Editor, BOOM! Studios.

BOOM! Studios launched its WWE comic book line in November 2016 with the WWE: Then. Now. Forever. Special, followed by the debut of the ongoing WWE comic series in January 2017. In addition, the WWE WrestleMania Special 2017 Special was released in March 2017, followed by the recent debuts of WWE Vol. 1 Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim. (collecting WWE: Then. Now. Forever. and WWE #1-4) and the WWE SummerSlam 2017 Special. WWE Survivor Series 2017 Special debuts in November before the annual event in Houston, TX.

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, January 28. Along with WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series, Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s original “Big Four” pay-per-view events. For ticket information, visit

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Forty Days and Forty Demons … Dark Ark #1

First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 21:03


If you are like me you come home from the Local Comic Shop with your little stack of comics, find your comfy chair and quickly sort the books. Must-read comics on top, your regulars in the middle. And that small selection of books that you are buying but you are not sure why always ends up on the bottom. My friends and I are always referring to “top of the pile” books. Over the past year and a bit one company has consistently been putting out “top of the pile” comics and that is Aftershock. For a new comic company, they are publishing some serious quality reads.

Dark Ark #1 Cover

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Pestilence (see my review here for the details) so when I saw a solicitation for Dark Ark, also from Aftershock I figured it was a definite book to try out. Boy, was I not disappointed. We all know the tale of Noah. God had decided to cleanse the Earth of sinners and would flood the lands for 40 days and 40 nights. But before doing so God approached a man named Noah. He instructed Noah to build a vast ark and gather two of every animal in preparation for the Great Flood. But was Noah the only ark builder? Dark Ark writer Cullen Bunn explores the possibility that the darker powers also wanted some creatures saved. They contact the sorcerer Shrae and instruct him to build an ark as well and to fill that ark with all manner of unnatural creatures. Dragons, vampires, harpies, and the manticore are amongst the passengers on this Dark Ark.

The comic book could have easily gone off the rails with this premise but Cullen imparts a lot of character into Shrae’s family. He puts the main focus in this first issue on the sorcerer and his daughter Khalee. In one short comic, you immediately sense the depth of the characters. The introductory plot is predictable enough with the obligatory meet and greet but there are some neat threads that you sense will come into play sooner than later. The concept is executed solidly and the interplay with the sinister characters is interesting. The politics or pecking order onboard and how there is a really uneasy peace that could be broken at any time.

Dark Ark #1 Interior Page

I’ve seen artist Juan Doe’s work elsewhere but I didn’t recall exactly where and I had to look it up. Juan worked on American Monster and Animosity, also from Aftershock but I suspect I’ve seen his work elsewhere. His style is not as feature realistic as a Jim Lee but really appealing. I totally dig the art in the Dark Ark. Colours, when scenes are deep in the Dark Ark’s hold, are primary, jarring and suitably demonic. The palette changes and becomes less in-your-face when panels feature the human characters. With a name like Juan Doe one can’t help but assume this is a pseudonym and maybe SHE is doing a great job on this comic? Ryane Hill’s lettering works just as it should, bringing a sinister vibe to the creatures but without going over the top.

Top of the pile. I can tell you right now that Issue #2 of Dark Ark will be at the top of my to-read pile next month. Issue #1 is on the shelves right now so head to your Local Comic Shop soon. Nice job Aftershock.

Issue: Dark Ark #1 | Publisher: Aftershock Comics LLC
Writer: Cullen Bunn | Artist: Juan Doe
Letters: Ryane Hill | Editor: Mike Marts
Price: $3.99 – 32 pages

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The Best of First Comics News – August 2017

First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 19:18

Summer is over and soon the leaves will be changing and winter will be upon us. I think there may be a Game of Thrones quote in there somewhere but since I do not watch the show I will leave it up to you to decide. Another month of publishing is behind us and it is time for me to dive into the hundreds of posts from the last 31 days, pick out some that may have gotten lost in the flood of posts and highlight ones that deserve your attention. If there was an article that you enjoyed that did not make the list please drop me a line and I may add it, after all no one is perfect, not even your humble managing editor!

Wayne Hall is never one who hesitates about from speaking from the heart and his column titled “If I Don’t Know About It, It Obviously Sucks!” will likely strike a cord with some readers.

Martian Manhunter is a character that is tough to cosplay, you need the build, you need the shaved head and you need the green paint. Lots and lots of green paint! This Martian Manhunter cosplayer knows it out of the park, check out the forhead for pete’s sake! Attention to detail is key and this one is a home run!

The 100th Anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth was a major cause of celebration this month podcast host Arthur Sippo joins in with a great interview with author Jeff Deischer. Jeff has written a book titled “The Strange Harvest of Dr. Aquarius” which takes many of Jack Kirbys characters who are in the public domain and creates an epic crossover between them all.

I know that Rik Offenberger, Editor-in-Chief and author of the MLJ Companion, is pretty damn excited about the Mighty Crusaders #1 launching in December but so am I and so should you! Rik talked with series writer Ian Flynn and got him to give fans some hints about what to expect at the end of the year in this site exclusive interview.

Phil Latter in writing a splendid series of articles about the Charlton Comics line of super-heroes that everyone really should read. It is well written, exhaustively researched and full of fascinating  information about characters you may know like The Question and Blue Beetle along with some you probably have never heard of. When Phil wrote the introduction to the first installment of The Charlton Comics Mystique he states that he has a book worth of material but no time to write it thus the series of smaller more focused posts. I for one hope that he eventually does find the time to write the definitive history of Charlton Comics as this series of posts is top notch and worth your time to read it.

Tanya Tate went to SDCC all all she brought back was EVER Disney Funko exlcusive figues. And I mean everyone of those little guys! Check out her video if you were not able to make the convention and wanted to see the exclusives that you missed.

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Thimbleweed Park adventure game now available on Nintendo Switch

First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 19:04

In October 1987, the now classic adventure game Maniac Mansion was released. This graphic adventure by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick permanently changed adventure games with innovations like verb icons displayed on-screen (no more typing into a text parser!), the ability to switch between five playable characters, and animated cutscenes. Maniac Mansion was also the only Lucasfilm adventure to be ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Fast forward 30 years. Ron and Gary have teamed up again, this time for Thimbleweed Park. And just like Maniac Mansion, Thimbleweed Park can now be played on a Nintendo console — but this time it’s the Nintendo Switch console.

The Nintendo Switch version of Thimbleweed Park supports both Joy-Con controllers and touch screen functionality so you can easily switch between tabletop, handheld, and TV modes. The Nintendo eShop price is $19.99 (USD), or equivalent in local currency.

It Starts With A Dead Body Maniac Mansion’s release wasn’t the only big event of October 1987. There was also a murder — a dead body pixelating under a bridge. And a conspiracy. A secret underground meeting. Signals so strong you could feel them from the highway. Another murder. The reading of a will. Oh, and a comic book convention. All converging on one specific night, in one specific place: Thimbleweed Park. Five people — two federal agents, a washed-up insult clown, an aspiring game developer, and the ghost of a pillow salesman — have been drawn to this strange, rundown place. They don’t know it yet, but they’re deeply connected. And they’re being watched. In a town like Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems.

Thimbleweed Park Features on Nintendo Switch

  • A neo-noir mystery set in 1987
  • 5 playable characters who can work together… or get on each other’s nerves
  • Not a walking simulator!
  • Satisfying puzzles intertwined with a twisty-turny story that will stay with you.
  • A vast, bizarre world to explore at your own pace
  • A joke every 2 minutes… guaranteed!*
  • Casual and Hard modes with varied difficulty
  • 1980s-style telephone hint line gives in-game puzzle help — if you want it
  • English voices with English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish subtitles

*Not a guarantee

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First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 15:04

Created by:

Ian Flynn & Ben Bates

Real Name:

Ivette “Ivy” Velez

Relationship to Predecessor:

Zoological Apprentice

Joined New Crusaders:

New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1

First Appearance:

New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1,
October 2012


Ivette had a rough start in life, suffering the loss of her parents when she was only an infant. This led to her forming a close connection with her mentor, Ralph Hardy (aka Jaguar). Despite her shy nature, Ivette longs to make new friends.

Powers & Weapons:

Jaguar Helmet.


Red Circle:
New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1-6
New Crusaders Preview Mini-Comic
New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes TPB

Dark Circle:

New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow Special #1

TEXT: Ian Flynn

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Azurth Adventures Digest Review

Sorcerer's Skull - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 11:00
Over at Enworld Chris Helton has a review of the Azurth Adventure Digest. Check it out if your still on the fence about purchasing it. You might want to hurry, though, I have less than 30 copies of the print copy left in this printing.

RICH REVIEWS: The Realm # 1

First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 07:58

Title: The Realm # 1
Publisher: Image Comics
Created by: Jeremy Haun & Seth M. Peck
Colors: Nick Filardi
Lettering & Design: Thomas Mauer
Cover A: Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi
Cover B: Tony Moore
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Will Nolan is a mercenary for hire in this future world. The world has gone to hell. The art brings out the ruin and disrepair of the city.
There is a lot going on and many players on the field. It is to bad not a lot of it is explained.
What is Will and the other almost humans we are shown? How did they come to be?
This post-apocalyptic world does have its dangers. It is also filled with mysteries. In this world surviving is a way of life. Will Nolan has made it his job to keep people alive as long as they pay him enough. Will is a guy you can identify with, he is a normal guy just making a living. You will like him.

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Death Of Major Robotech Character Brings Titan’s Smash-Hit First Series To An Explosive Close!

First Comics News - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 05:52

This shocking finale will change the landscape of the Macross saga forever!

(September 20, 2017) A major character will be killed off in Titan’s new Robotech series, Harmony Gold USA and Titan Comics announced today, paving the way for a stunning new arc penned by fan favorite writer Brian Wood (DMZ, Briggs Land) and legendary Transformers scribe Simon Furman.

The critically acclaimed and sell-out comic series, which launched in August, takes into account every iteration of the Robotech series, and casts a fresh eye over classic characters from the iconic ‘80s sci-fi anime.

Now, the series (written by Brian Wood with art by Marco Turini) is set to scale new heights with a dramatic first season climax that will change the face of Robotech forever… including the death of a major member of the team! But will it be Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant or Henry Gloval who pays the ultimate price?

All will be revealed in Robotech #4 (on sale October 25, 2017) or read the story in full in Robotech Vol. 1 (on sale February 13, 2018) – a must-have collection for Robotech fans!

Following this hotly-anticipated finale, the next chapter in Titan’s Robotech comic saga will see Simon Furman join writer Brian Wood to chronicle the ongoing adventures of the SDF-1!

The new second arc kicks-off on December 13 with issue #5 and finds the inhabitants of Macross City reeling from recent events and mourning the loss of a beloved friend. However, it’s not long before they are forced to head to Mars in an attempt to escape the advancing forces of the mysterious Zentraedi!

The issue debuts with a fantastic cover by Jem and the Holograms artist Jen Bartel (Wicked and the Divine, Doctor Aphra), plus, variant covers by Blair Shedd (Ghostbusters, Doctor Who), an Action Figure variant, a stunning wraparound cosplay variant, and a shocking ‘Funeral For A Friend’ variant!

Robotech #5 hits stores on December 13 and is available to order from October PREVIEWS. Robotech Vol. 1 (ISBN:  9781785859137) is available to pre-order now through August PREVIEWS catalogue (order code: SEP171940).

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SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Academy Award Nominee Eric Heisserer & Artist Adam Pollina Reveal the Year’s Most Poignant Superhero Origin in January!

First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 21:52

Valiant is proud to announce SECRET WEAPONS #0 – an all-new, standalone prelude to the year’s best-selling independent limited series from Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and legendary artist Adam Pollina (X-Force)! Before the fall of the Harbinger Foundation… Before the opening pages of SECRET WEAPONS #1…  An essential new chapter in the Harbinger mythos will soon be revealed as Nikki Finch – a future founding member of Livewire’s squadron of misfit telekinetics – relives the never-before-told saga of her recruitment and activation at the hands of Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation in a must-read standalone special from two of Valiant’s most accomplished storytellers!

Meet high school senior Nikki Finch… She’s a gifted athlete with an unusual set of medical ailments and high-aptitude test scores that have drawn the attention of an obscure and little-known NGO calling itself the Harbinger Foundation. With seemingly limitless resources at its disposal, the Harbinger Foundation has just offered Nikki a place in their newest class of recruits for a prestigious, but secretive, mission: to unlock her hidden potential via the invasive, dangerous and often deadly process known as “psiot activation.” If they succeed, Nikki could become an extraordinary example of Toyo Harada’s vision for the future of post-human biological superiority. If they fail, she’ll likely die on the operating table…or be locked away for future study in the mysterious research facility only known as The Willows…

Told in an poetic storytelling style chronicling the most formative year of Nikki’s life one week – and one panel – at a time, the New Year’s most surprising and poignant superhero origin starts here on January 3rd with an all-new introduction to the world of SECRET WEAPONS.

On January 3rd, superstar artist Adam Pollina makes makes his long-awaited return to full-length interiors to join Oscar-Nominated sci-fi visionary Eric Heisserer to kick off 2018 with a star-studded, page-turning special torn from the world of comics’ most captivating new series, only in SECRET WEAPONS #0 – featuring covers by Raul Allen (SECRET WEAPONS), Veronica Fish (Archie), rising star Sibylline Meynet, Sija Jong (NINJAK), and Adam Pollina (X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse)!

PLUS: In advance of HARBINGER WARS 2 – the seismic crossover event of 2018 – discover​​ Livewire and her new trainees’ epic impact on the landscape of Valiant Universe with the SECRET WEAPONS TPB collection, in stores December 13th! Collecting all four issues of the sold-out series from all-star creators Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Raul Allen (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR), one of 2017’s most pivotal and widely acclaimed debuts returns in an intro-priced, $9.99 trade paperback that is the ultimate introduction to the Valiant Universe’s newest band of heroes! A young girl who can talk to birds… A boy who can make inanimate objects gently glow… To others, these are expensive disappointments. But, to Livewire, they are secret weapons…in need of a leader. Now, as a mechanized killer called Rex-O seeks to draw them out, Livewire and her new team of cadets will be forced to put their powers into action…in ways they never could have imagined…

For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and

For Valiant merchandise and more, visit

Variant Cover by SIJA HONG
Variant Cover by ADAM POLLINA
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JANUARY 3rd

Cover by RAÚL ALLEN (SEP172047)
$9.99 | 112 pgs. | T+ | On Sale DECEMBER 13th
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN: 978-1-68215-229-4
SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Cover A by Raul Allen
SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Cover B by Veronica Fish

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Cover C by Sibylline Meynet

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Variant Cover by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

SECRET WEAPONS #0 – Interior Art by Adam Pollina

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Unfamiliar Skies

First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 21:48
The series follows Claris Muston, a 19 year old who was born on a space colony bound for an Earth-like planet. Claris doesn’t want to be confined to the colony ship and resents having had her future decided for her. She steals a scout ship and sets off to take control of her own fate! Unfortunately for Claris, she’s still young, rash, and impulsive, quickly finding herself getting into trouble and easily being led and manipulated by others. Over the course of the series, Claris will grow, mature, and become stronger, but right now she’s a whirlwind of rebellion. The series was inspired by Carl Sagan’s “The Pale Blue Dot”, the idea that, in the grand scheme of the universe, our planet, our struggles, our advances, our very lives, are fleeting. Our self-importance is somewhat arrogant. That said, you do have more of an impact on the world around you than you realise, people do care for you, and you and your life are more important than you realise. When my children were born, I saw the infinite potential and sense of hope held in them. It’s about finding that self-worth despite the overwhelming sense of insignificance the sheer scale of existence can impose on you. Issue 2 launches at Nottingham Comic Con on October 14th 2017. Physical copies are available via while digital copies will be available through

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First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 21:31

Wrestling Icon to Open Up About His Victory in the Courtroom Against Gawker Media

This weekend on FOX News Channel’s (FNC) brand new series OBJECTified host Harvey Levin will feature an intimate interview with wrestling icon Hulk Hogan on Sunday, September 24th at 8PM/ET. Throughout the hour, Hogan will open up about his legendary career in the ring, the possibility of running for mayor, the death of his brother, the moment he almost ended his own life, and his legal victory against Gawker Media. In the episode, Hogan will also reveal the notepad he used during the infamous trial. Preview clips and transcribed bites below.

***All must be attributed to: FOX News Channel’s (FNC) OBJECTified, airing Sunday, September 24th at 8PM/ET

Watch the latest video at <a href=”//”></a>

Harvey Levin: Why did you sue in the first place?

Hulk Hogan: It was much bigger than me or much bigger than my career. This was something that and you know, I’ve said it before and I’m not joking around. You know as a wrestler, that was a great part of my life but now that I understand why I’m here – wrestling was just a setup. It was just a setup, a stepping stone for who I am and what I’m meant to do and be. No matter what happened in my career, this was so much bigger.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”//”></a>

Harvey Levin: There was a low point in all of this where you literally had a gun in your mouth. How did you get out of that?

Hulk Hogan: Well, I got to a point where everything kind of hit me at the same time. The divorce, my whole world falling apart, both of the kids with Linda and that’s how I ended up playing with the gun.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”//”></a>

Harvey Levin: It’s hard to believe when you see somebody this big that steroids is not kind of the common drug in the ring.

Hulk Hogan: Okay.

Harvey Levin: You ever do it?


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RICH REVIEWS: Damned: Ill-Gotten # 4

First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:45

Publisher: Oni Press
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Illustrated by: Brian Hurtt
Colored by: Bill Crabtree
Lettered by: Crank!
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Deidra is tempted by a demon and she does sign over her soul but what does she get in exchange? Deidra has become desirable.
Demons are known to the general populace and all they want are souls.
Pauly and Eddie are both involved with a demon. What is that involvement well it does involve a key. Other than that we are told very little.
What about Deidra why was she singled out by the demon?
The story and who the characters are needs to be explained better, maybe a recap from previous issues would help.
The art does give the comic an old style noir feel to it. It does look good and the demons while not overly scary are drawn to let you know they are definitely not human.
The mixing of humans and demons on Earth is a good concept.

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RICH REVIEWS: Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It # 3

First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:44

Publisher: Oni Press
Written by: Tini Howard
Illustrated by: Marc Ellerby
Colored by: Katy Farina
Lettered by: Crank!
Cover A: Marc Ellerby with Katy Farina
Cover B: Josceline Fenton
Pick and Morty Created by: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Rick and Morty do make a strange pair. Morty goes off on his own and what he encounters is more strangeness.
What is up with all the different versions of Jerry’s? Swimmer Jerry vs Wizard Jerry is one fight you will not believe.
The art is all cartoon style. It does have a funny look to it.
This comic is totally confusing. You will find yourself wondering why am I reading this and than think oh ya it is kind of fun in a weird way.
Morty our star here has the strangest parents ever. His mother is hard to describe.
Why though are there so many of the same characters? What is the purpose of this comic? Is it just random fun and silliness?

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First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:24



Network Partners with DC for Batman in Noir Alley Comic Book; Available in Stores Sept. 20

TCM to Launch New 360-Degree Noir Alley Experience for Desktop and Virtual Reality Devices

in October with Seven Digital Episodes

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is expanding the shadowy world of its popular franchise Noir Alley with new immersive brand extensions including a comic book and a 360-degree experience featuring original digital episodes. TCM has partnered with DC Entertainment for a free comic book entitled Batman in Noir Alley starring DC’s iconic Super Hero, Batman, and TCM’s Noir Alley host Eddie Muller. Additionally, TCM will offer fans the opportunity to dive deeper into to mysterious world of film noir with a new 360-degree experience for desktop and virtual reality devices with an accompanying seven episode digital feature launching in October.

The free comic book follows Batman and Muller on the trail to solve a case after the famed Moroccan Raptor goes missing from the Gotham City Museum. Written by Stuart Moore and cover art by Dan Panosian, the comic is available in select comic-book stores nationwide starting today and will also be available in DC’s booth at NY Comic-Con in October.

Utilizing 360 technology available on desktop and VR devices, TCM will bring fans a new virtual experience and digital exclusive entitled Noir Alley: 360° of Noir. The seven episode online feature will give fans the opportunity to immerse themselves even further into the dark and gritty world of film noir with a new, original story of kidnap and murder. Fans can search for clues, meet new characters and try to figure out who the culprit is in this new branded digital experience. Launching in October and available on, fans can follow Noir Alley on Facebook and Twitter to learn more. The 360 experience and digital episodes were created, written and designed by Sprocket Creative.

“At TCM, it’s our goal to continuously create fan-first experiences and provide opportunities to engage and interact with our brand both on and off the TV screen,” said Pola Changnon, senior vice president of marketing, brand creative and talent for TCM. “We’re always looking for new and exciting immersive experiences that provide the perfect opportunity to offer a deeper level of engagement for our devoted Noir Alley fans.”

For more information and a list of stores to pick-up Batman in Noir Alley, please visit and

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First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:12

(September 19, 2017 – Australia) – Starting in October, all your favourite FOX8 DC Super Heroes are back, express from the U.S., with the newest edition of “Gotham” now making Foxtel the exclusive home of the of the DC television franchise.“Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Gotham,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow” will air five nights a week, completely ad free, when the new season of “Gotham” commences Monday, October 9, 8:30pm.

Premiering for the first time in Australia, season three of “Gotham” continues to follow the evolving stories of the city’s most malevolent villains including The Penguin, The Riddler, the future Catwoman, and the future Poison Ivy. In addition, the new season will also dive into the worlds of the Court of Owls and Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter, a talented hypnotist, teetering on the edge of madness.

On Tuesdays, starting October 10 at 8:30pm, “Supergirl,” played by Melissa Benoist, is back. In the season three premiere, express from the U.S., Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, is grappling with giving up her human identity altogether, and only being the “Girl of Steel.” As she struggles with her path forward, she continues to work with the DEO to battle all threats to National City, including new villains, Morgan Edge and the “Worldkiller,” known as Reign.

“The Flash” season four will kick off Wednesday October 11 at 8:30pm, with Team Flash doing their best to keep moving forward without the Scarlet Speedster, and defeat all the threats that come their way. However, when a new villain too powerful for them arrives in Central City, the team realizes that there is only one person that can help – The Flash (played by Grant Gustin). Now, the team must devise a plan to free their friend from the Speed Force before the city is destroyed – knowing that The Flash that comes out of the Speed Force may not be the same hero as the one who went in it.

Thursday, October 12, brings the return of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” at 8:30pm. In the new third season, the Legends face an existential threat, created by revisiting a moment in time at the end of last season. Having fractured the timeline, the team must find a way to return all the time anachronisms to their original timelines before the time stream falls apart.

Fan favourite series, “Arrow,” will conclude the weekly run of DC superstars starting with season six on October 13, at 8:30pm. Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, confronts a challenge unlike any he’s ever faced: fatherhood. With support from his team, Oliver is determined to embrace his new role as father to William while still serving and protecting his city as both the Mayor and the Green Arrow. But when unexpected enemies from his pst return to Star City and threaten his role as protector on three fronts, Oliver is forced to rethink his relationship with each member of his “family.”

Following their 8:30pm premiere timeslots on FOX8, catch up with your favourite Warner Bros Television DC series on Foxtel Anytime, or stream it on Foxtel Now.

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First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 18:59

September 19, 2017, Bel Air, MD:  American Mythology is pleased to announce their attendance at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con (Booth #2107), where they will be joined by some of the industry’s best creators for signings, panels, and more! The 18th annual Baltimore Comic-Con will be held in the city’s scenic Inner Harbor September 22nd – 24th at the Baltimore Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the official website here.
Be certain to stop by booth #2107 to pick up American Mythology’s two newest limited-edition Eternal Thirst of Dracula trading cards! Receive one card with any purchase made with American Mythology, and the other by simply mentioning Dracula at the booth! And while you’re there, you’ll have the chance to meet some of your favorite American Mythology creators, including:

  • Mike Wolfer
  • Natalie Jane
  • Todd Livingston (Fri – Saturday)
  • Nick Capetanakis
  • S.A. Check
  • James Kuhoric

In addition, American Mythology will host an exciting panel full of nostalgia and happy childhood memories on Sunday, September 24th! Entitled, “The Return of Classic Cartoon Comics: Underdog, Casper, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and Pink Panther, the panel will take place between 12:15 and 1:15 pm in room 345-345, and include guests S.A. Check, Pat Shand, John Gallagher, S.L. Gallant, and Mike Wolfer as they share their memories of these cereal and milk classics and discuss new all-ages fun coming your way from American Mythology next year!
“Baltimore Comic Con is one of the best comic book shows in the country,” says Michael Bornstein, Publisher of American Mythology.  “We are thrilled to be meeting fans and sharing all the great comics we are working on with everyone in attendance.”

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ALL NEW FATHOM #8 preview

First Comics News - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 18:57
ALL NEW FATHOM #8 (vol 6)

Blake Northcott – Story / Marco Renna – Art / John Starr – Colors

The pulse-pounding volume six finale is here!

With the aid of Tyler and Chance, Aspen Matthews must depose the brutal dictator invading the capitol city of The Blue, her old ally and mentor, Cannon Hawke! However, saving her people won’t come without sacrifice!

Aspen makes a shocking discovery about Cannon Hawke that could forever change the landscape of The Blue civilization—as well as their ties with humanity!


FATHOM #8 is in stores September 20th, 2017!

FC                               32 pages                                 $3.99

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