[LA] Mordecai Ferris the Fiery Human | Starting Avatar

The Human, Mordecai Ferris

Health 55; Precision 59; Speed 14 (12 with Mail); AEPs 56; Defence 7 (.5 Mail)

56 Geourgy
47 Weapons
33 Physique
22 Learning
10 Archery

$25K, club, colourful cape with boots and cap, warhorse (Courser), torch, hammer and chisel, sling, 100 clay balls, half steel mail, rapier, burn healing salve (7 doses), backpack, belt pouch, shoulder pouch, colourful clothing, crossbow, Geourgy command circle materials, Geourgy protection circle materials, 2 tablets.

Tablet 1: Conjure Efriti, Elemental Fire Compatibility, Extinguish Flame, Fiery Bolt
Tablet 2: Loviatskya's Infallible Energy Analysis, Unquenchable Flambeau, blank, blank

48 Sling 3-20+1 Harm
67 Rapier 3-20+3 Harm