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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/04/02
Journal resumes here from the old FEP.

This time we opted out of pizza, instead we went to a typical U.S. fast food franchise and ordered 2 of everything off the "value" menu. [Meaning it cost one US Dollar (USD) or a Dollar and a half.] Total cost $26 USD.


From last week, a correction to Lucy (a.k.a. Balentine, seems I got the name wrong after years of neglect), she is hired for 45 Platinum Pieces per day, plus 10% loot, 1st pick of any loot item, opulent Room & Board, and expenses to be reimbursed by an Expense Report.

First day of Lucy's contract:

Numrendir began with a visit to Willis Strom (this campaign's last survivor of of the FSS Beagle from modules DA2 and DA3), and asked, "How soon can I obtain the GPS units from the demonstration the other day?" To which Willis answered "You can have the first article right away. I can have three more in a week, in two weeks nine, after that, production will be faster as they will have passed Quality Assurance tests and we will have ISO-9001 Certification."

Upon the arrival of Lucy's Player, the party decided to journey to the Ruins of Vestfold to reclaim some lost Treasure or Holdings. Preliminary inquiries indicate a section of Vestfold is still operational, but only as D'Vine the Druid's "Tree Hugging Paradise and Theme Park."

At that point as dutiful GM, I asked the Players to write down which Characters were going and went to the Loo. When I came back I received a list of characters going as follows:

Numrendir, Human Male Coercer. (Conj6), on foot.
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept (RGR5/CL5), riding his Ass.
Huang - Monk Master (Monk8), riding his Mule.
Honda - Samurai Bushi (Sam7), riding her Heavy War Horse.
Slim - (new) 1st Level MU/Thief, on foot.
Lucy (for hire) Level 2 Plant Killer (Exterminator2), riding her Medium War Horse.

They decided to go overland via the Tower of Booh and the Abbey of Fritz, then cross the Barleycorn River to Vestfold. After an audit of character-owned transportation, Numrendir and Slim needed a ride. As it was a well traveled road and there was a daily caravan to the Tower of Booh, Numrendir and Slim decided to ride a Teamsters wagon at 1 Silver Piece a mile (per person). This was a Union rate after all.

Second day of Lucy's contract, no encounters.

They stayed at the Wayside Inn on the East side of the Peaks of Booh. But they did have an encounter there with Menander Ithamis and his entourage. (He is apparently on a diplomatic mission to the Halflings in Booh.) Lucy hit it off with Menander at the bar, since Menander is always looking for new opportunities to improve race relations with her Drow-like charms. She bought four bottles of Elderberry Wine (at 40 Gold each) for Menander and two of his nearest body-guards and they danced the Tango to the tune of a Bard (that Lucy paid 10 Platinum to play.)

Third day of Lucy's contract, no encounters.

After crossing the Peaks of Booh along the main road they stayed for an uneventful night at the Foothill Inn.

Fourth day of Lucy's contract, no encounters.

At the Tower of Booh, (which is also the name for the Halfling suburban blight that surrounds the Tower) they stayed at another local Inn that caters to the tourist trade when in season. Most tourists this time of year are headed for D'Vine's theme park. Lucy assumed correctly, that Menander was on official business at the Tower, therefore Lucy hired a courier for 10 gold to take another bottle of Elderberry wine (40 gold) to the Tower. A thank you note was returned and an appointment was for Lucy to visit him at Ringlo Hall on 24 November. Also while at Booh, Lucy "purchased" two ladies of questionable morals as subcontractors, a human and a halfling female by paying a small retainer to a local for the mere price of 40 and 20 respectively. She also bought a Riding Horse and Pony for them with accessories. (BIts, Bridles, Saddles, Saddlebags, Halters, & Saddle Blankets.)

Fifth day of Lucy's contract, no encounters.

Arriving at the Abbey of Fritz, the party stayed at at another one of the many inns (since tourists were in season). An short inquiry was made regarding the morality of the subcontractors Lucy "hired" back at the Tower of Booh, but they were vouched for, since the Abbot was also a regular client of the vendor.

Lucy's expense voucher for the first night's stay at the Come Back Inn was 4GP (city rate).

Lucy's expense voucher for the night's stay at the Wayside Inn was 170GP and 10PP (tourist rate and entertainment expense).

Lucy's expense voucher for the night's stay at the Foothill Inn was 10GP (tourist rate).

Lucy's expense voucher for the stat at the Tower of Booh was 4GP, 40GP, and 60GP, 105GP, 27GP, 36SP, 10CP (city rate, entertainment, hiring of subcontractors, and their mounts.

Lucy's expense voucher for the night's stay at the Abbey was 10GP (tourist rate), and extra meals for the ladies at 2GP each.

After the fifth day Lucy was paid and reimbursed. Numrendir extended the contract for another 5 days.

Day 6:

The party bought a crowded ferry ride across the Barleycorn River into the former City of Vestfold. Upon crossing the ruined gate they saw a immaculately kept hedge that extended from one end of the intact portion of the city wall to the other and an immense queue of tourists were waiting in line to get into D'Vine's theme park. Wanting to make the visit short the party gained entry via the business office, claiming they were old friends to see her.

Tracy Johnson



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