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HackMoor 2019/03/07 Beginning Exploration, Introductions
Games are now on Friday nights sometime after 5:30PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.  

We had pizza but I forgot what it was.


The night started reasonably well, the Party started on the 40 x 40 foot room at the bottom of the three scuttles.  There were three doors, the party exited one and came to a 40 foot long hallway that ended in a "T" intersection.  There were two doors to the left and right, skipping both doors they turned right at the "T".

They found a 60 foot hallway with a gold statue of Joseph at the far end and two doors on the right.  Taking the first right door, they entered a 20 x 20 foot room wherein were five guys wearing golden masks, chainmail, and dark blue capes.

The party introduced themselves and became acquainted with the Brotherhood of Joseph, a resistance group dedicated to the overthrow of the established order.  

"Join the resistance, they said.  You have nothing to lose but the next sacrifice, which may be you."

"Tell us more, the party said."

"Let us introduce you to our illustrious leader, he's in the next room."  True to their word, in the next room (adjoined by another door), the dimensions of which fit the next door they did not enter, were five more guys in the same outfits.  One of them wore a different looking helm, he immediately apologized by introducing himself, "My name is Kanadius, and I'm leader of the Bros o' Joe."  

What followed was a discourse of the raison' d'etre for his existence.   (Which was basically a rundown of the module I have modified.)  In essence there are three factions of our religion trying to overthrow the worship of a demon-gawd named Ba'al who took over our once great civilization centuries ago and turned our lush property into a desert and demanded human sacrifices.  The three factions are, the Bros of Joe, the Maidens of Mary, and the Magi of Jesus.  There has been no cooperation with the other two opposing factions of course because they dislike each other almost as much as Ba'al.

(Of course modification fit right in with one of the characters being a Roman Catholic Cleric, it was soooo... convenient.)

That being said, the party was invited to become "Associate" Bros.  There was a sincerity check to become regular Brothers.  So the party were given silver masks, and light blue capes, to differentiate them as Associate Brothers, or Ass-Bros, for short.  After that they were told to be on the lookout for wandering monsters, mostly bugs, lizards, and rodents for the most part.  And stay away from the Killer Bees, they're ours we keep them in an adjacent room.

So the Party set off back the way they came.  Determining the other end of the "T" intersection was a dead end they doubled back and checked he last door they skipped.  To the party's surprise, yes there was one of those Giant Lizards.

In stepped in Thanos, our party' Berserker.  Itching for combat, due to his nature he attacked immediately.  (It felt weird, as the Player for this character was NOT present, but his character is a Berserker after all.)  The Giant Lizard struck back, and almost rolled a critical hit, the creature made up for it however by making penetration on both its damage rolls.  Thanos also also failed his Threshold of Pain roll and was down for the count.  Sham the Sam(urai), stepped in and saved Thanos' hide.  

Thanos was brought down to only one hit point, and Cadfael had to use his Staff of Curing.  (2 charges left.)

Dusting themselves off, the Party made its way back to the room with three scuttles from topside.  There were two other untried doors so the party took the one to the right.  By chance (because Namos is Half-Elf), they found a secret door in the next 40 foot passage on the left.  Ignoring the passages turn to the right, they decided to open this door.

The party was attacked by a flock of flying Stirges.  Suffice it to say, yes the party defeated them after some struggle.  Mainly because the Stirges gorged themselves on party blood.  (Stirges are like pigeon-sized mosquitoes with feathers, after draining 12 points of blood they quit.)  The Party killed most of them as the Stirges were satisfied, and attempted to leave.  Fighting them was problematic, since once they have attached themselves to a victim, any third party attacker trying to help has a chance of hitting the victim.

Once again Thanos was almost killed, at session's end he is down to 4 hit points.

Cadfael is about to heal him again but we called it quits, so that may happen Tomorrow's session.

Oh and by the way, we voted Thanos as MVP, even though his Player wasn't there.







Paveltepec, first level Painted Mage
Sham, first level Samurai
Cadfael, first level Cleric
Glaxx, first level Druid
Namo, first level Thief
Thanos, first level Berserker





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Tracy Johnson



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