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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign Current Day Timeline
Because we're going piecemeal through the dungeon, I thought a timeline for the current day is in order. Most times have a 10 minute space between them. This is so the party can gather their wits, pick their noses, or whatever they do between actions. Most actions take 10 rounds or less which would be 10 minutes anyway. (i.e. Periods of boredom punctuated by moments of utter terror, to rephrase a World War One quote about months.)

Any disagreements with the timeline please advise. Not averse to lengthening it, but am against shortening it. (Party members are blind copied on this.)

Pre-reveille: Rest after cleaning up Mage's stash
8:00AM Wake up, urinate, scratch party's collective asses. Eat leftovers from Elefus' Create Food & Water spell.
8:30AM Descend through secret tunnel to circular chamber. Look around
8:40AM Go down hall, turn left, deal with circular statue room. Battle with some statues.
8:50AM Discern the loot from the statues. Decide to go right or left.
9:00AM Turn right. Enter Lamia's chamber. Defeat Lamia.
9:10AM Lamia debrief. (Investigate & loot body.) Decide to right or left door.
9:20AM Choose right door. Go up stairs.
9:25AM Go through door top of stair. Choose to turn right of left in hallway.
9:30AM Turn left. Find door on right. Enter door fight Bugbears and & their supervisor in adjacent room on left.
9:40AM Bugbear debrief. Choose exit back the way they came or door opposite.
9:50AM Choose door opposite. Ten foot hall, another door. Battle four more Bugbears.
10:00AM Bugbear debrief. Choose concealed door on right or regular door on left.
10:10AM Go through concealed door. Battle Gargoyles, Stone Golem, and Hedge Ogre, that attacked from rear.
10:30AM Battle debrief. Choose various doors.
10:40AM Go behind black curtain then door. Battle Water Dopple-Elemental variant. Crystal ceiling and pool shatters. Find scroll.
10:50AM Battle debrief. Choose concealed or secret door.
11:00AM Go through secret door. Pass table with 32 silver dishes. Find purple furnished room with trap door going down. Loot and investigate room.
11:10AM Go down trap door. Go up to next room. Find and loot more not so lavish furnishings.
11:20AM Exit concealed door. (Same door they did not go through at 10:50AM.) Vixine and Blake missing.
11:30AM Chase trail of Vixine and Blake. Pass through windy door then avoid evil presence in large octagonal room and go down stairs.
11:40AM Pass through hexagonal room with 5 doors. Pass through opposite door. Logic bomb the Ettin in next room.
11:50AM Exit on right 45 degree hallway. Turn left 135 degrees at intersection.
12:00PM Find circular chamber with beast eating Blake.
Tracy Johnson



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