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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/09/08
Games are on Thursday night sometime after 5:30PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.

This time one of our participants heard of a newly opened Moe's Southwest Grill was offering three dollar burritos so we opted for that and sent one of our Players for pick-up.  Upon arrival he texted back to us that the line into Moe's extended around the building. We suggested Chipotle or Taco Bell as an alternative. So he went to the Chipotles about 100 Yards away, which was nearly empty.  My burrito upon arrival was cold and the chips were stale.  The Player forgot to get salsa.

Note to self:  Never try to get fast discount food on a fast food restaurant opening night.

Next item on the agenda was the store's refrigerator in the game room failed during the week.  Some locals were tasked to take it away.  Who were only too eager, they apparently didn't even ask for payment.  However the remaining half of my 10 year "Ardbeg Islay" scotch and an almost full bottle of "Fighting Cock" whiskey were now gone.


The party had a outdoor barbecue of Giant Rook that night.  Despite the tasty smell, there were oddly enough no random encounters until the wee hours of the morning.  (Mainly because I rolled for more Giant Rooks but they were all dead.)  But at the aforesaid wee hours just before sunrise, 60 Giant Rats appeared. At that point a cold beer was placed in front of me and a voice said, "Make them go away."  So I judged the rats merely ate the Rook leftovers and uncooked Rooks and left the party alone.  Whoever placed the beer also earned an Honor point.

Finally at sunrise, Aerys flew to the top of the broken tower to the Giant Rook's nest.  No eggs and nothing else to explore except lots of bird poop on the nest edges.  Ingress to any lower level of the tower was impossible due to the collapsed rubble of the second and third floors.  So when Aerys returned to the party there was a dialog loop of Aerys reporting she found "Nothing" and Jacko replying "No shit?" and Aerys saying "No, lots!", this went on for about five times until I had ask the Players to stop.

At that point there was an owl at the top of the broken tower, giving a hoot.  It was totally ignored.

Jacko, decided to take a peek into the tower's first floor arrow slits and saw only darkness.  In one of those instances of GM versus Player misunderstanding, I ruled he couldn't see only blackness.

I couldn't tell him at the time, but it was due to heavy black drapes behind five feet of wall and the occupants had put the torches out.  Jacko on the other hand had (due to his dark elf racial characteristics, "Infravision"), checking the manual, he had the extended variety to 120 feet, his eyes emitting such radiation which can see details even on walls.  Thus he normally should have detected the drapes.  To counter the claim, I could say that it was sunrise, and the bright light interfered.  Besides for a Dark Elf he also has the Albino flaw and the sunlight was beginning to affect him.  I also need the excuse.

At that point the owl gave another hoot.  It was totally ignored again.

The front door to the first level of the tower was barred and chained from the outside.  Aerys' observation skill discerned all that metal was a ruse and the door was locked from the inside.  So the party decided to knock.  No answer.  Huang, Honda & Jacko tried to kick down the door and failed.  (Actually Jacko succeeded but misinterpreted his die roll, sorry.)

In any case, the door opened on its own and a volley of thirteen sling stones were cast from a Dwarven shield wall and promptly slammed shut again.  Several party members were hit, NPCs Tanzen and Bang Mi, were hit the most for 12 and 15 points respectively.  (This lead me to notice an anomaly in the module in that they stone slingers were listed as "archers".)

After that attack the party pulled out all the stops.  Elefus fired his extra-terrestrial Hand Blaster through one of the arrow slits and the party finally busted down the door.  (Whether I reinterpreted Jacko's die roll or used Tanzen's Bash Door spell again, I forgot which.)  In any case the door was down and party started to inflict some damage on the Dwarves.

Gully Dwarves to be exact.  (There were also some humans in the rear ranks.)

From the Hacklopaedia:  Considered to be the "White Trash" of the Dwarven race, the Gully Dwarves dwell in squalor usually in large human cities, where dwarven districts have long crumbled into ruin.  Gully Dwarves have returned to a state of barbarism (or in some rare cases, never left), and appear to most observers as filthy, short blood-thirsty savages.

The combat went on for two more rounds but I had to call it a night.






CHARACTERS (New players on top.)

Jacko, an Albino Dork Elf, a Probe (an Infiltrator, Thief subclass).
Blake, a human Creep (an Infiltrator, Thief subclass).
Vixine Numar, a human Sigil (a Chosen One, Cleric subclass).
Aerys, an Elvariel, a Larcenist (Thief class).
Count Elefus, a human Abbot of Heimdall (Cleric class).
Baronet Huang - a Master of the North Wind of the Stone Tiger Order, (Monk class).

Baronetess Honda - a Human Datai Samurai, Steward of Catan (formerly Temple of the Frog)
Gnomex, a Gnome Brother of Geardal Ironhand (Cleric class.)
Sum Dum Gai - Brother of the Winds (Monk, Fighter subclass).
Bang Mi - Sister of the Winds (Monk, Fighter subclass).
Sum Ting Wong - SheMale Brother/Sister of the Winds (Monk, fighter subclass).
Tanzen (relatively new) a Fae-Born first level Pinger. (Fist level Invoker, a Magic User subclass).


Gargoyle (Elefus henchperson, demoted from Sidekick, out of town on business, acting as courier to BlackMoor).
Numrendir - a human Conjurist (a Conjuror, Magic User subclass) - Gone off to BlackMoor to check his Investment Account.
Junkbot Jackson - a human Tracker/Adept (a Ranger, Fighter subclass and Cleric).
Gerry Castagere, human Fingersmith, (Thief class) and ever loving devotee of Elefus.
Fundisha - a half-Elf Swordsperson/Tout (Fighter and Infiltrator, a Thief subclass).
Sir Weasel, human Guild Soldier, Warlock, & Champion (Thief, Magic User, & Fighter classes) he stayed back in BlackMoor.
- and nine Pilgrim henchmen of various levels. (They wear hoodies.)
Slade Wilson - Dwarven Professional (a Bounty Hunter, Fighter subclass) Left behind at Catan.





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