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To the Tower
I'll uuse this thread to post some conversions for an adventure I previously converted but don't have the conversions because I did it on the fly however i may have already posted them aand i have no incentive to look them up so I'm doing it from scratch. Why? Someday I'll run it again. 

It's a combat heavy homebrew originally made for AD&D1e, then converted to Lejendary Adventure and also SCHWA (on the fly).

First one:

W d6/by weapon
S d6
A d8/by weapon
D 2/0
H 20

Basically swamp Goblins but slightly smaller and more rotund. They wear mostly greens and reptile skins with some leather straps and such. Only slightly more affable than Goblins but more xenophobic. Often in distress because adventurers like to kill them for croocodile bait. Masters of swamp movement (+1 bonus to stealthy and initiative type things in wetlands) they generally use javelins, nets and hafted hooks(hatchets).

Each village would have a single Shaman, a single leader, and a Killer for each 5 males. 

Killer W d8, S d8, A d10; D 2/d3 (leather) H 25
Shaman W d4, S d12, A d8; D 2 H 20
Leader W d10, S d6, A d10; D 2/d3 (leather) H 30

The intention is that a group of Bogs with one killer that are the same number as a starting player party will be weaker. They require more numbers to defeat a starting party but the will parley to find a way to rid their land of people. They all worship Man-Thing/Heap o' Vines creatures and hate frog worshippers.

They are just smart enough to build a rickety wooden stockade and even may parley first. Mostly they just want to keep non-swamp denizens from tainting their land with soap and such horrible devices.
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