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Spell Base: 4
Min. Rank: d12
Resist: No
"Divination /ˌdivəˈnāSHən/ (noun) The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means." In game play the practice is employed by allowing the player to ask the GM one yes/no question for each PoS of the casting. For every four Points of Success, the player can choose to ask one general question instead for which the GM will give a vague, but true, answer. Stupid questions receive no answer. "Should we enter the left door?" is a stupid question. What are the factors that determine what "should" be done? "Is the treasure behind the left door?" is a pretty dumb question, but not stupid. If the door opens to the stairway that goes down to the treasure room then the answer is "no." "Does the left door lead to the treasure horde we seek?" is a good question. (Although a dick GM would say "no" because doors don't go anywhere, passageways do.)

Carol's character casts Divination for 6 Points of Success. She uses 4 points to ask, "Where can I find the means to defeat the Mad Mage?" "You have a vision of a large, marbled room full of many different ancient artifacts, like a museum." "Am I looking for a weapon?" "No." "Am I looking for a book?" "Yes."
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