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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/05/01
Type of pizza forgotten, since it was 2nd episode back.


I haven't done a character list in a while so here goes. Some of course are obviously new.

Kmaregh Dismal, 2nd level Evoker
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept (RGR5/CL5)
Huang - Monk Master (Monk8)Honda - Samurai Bushi (S7)
Lucius - Rutterkin (A2) (a.k.a Lucy)
Balentine - Plant Killer (MU2)

11 Henchmen
3 Hirelings

Elefus, Human Male Deacon (CL12)
Snizzlephish, Gnome Male, Visionist (Illu6) & Footpad (T2) (Multi-class.)
Fundisha - Swordsman/Creep (F3/Infiltrator3) (Character on maternity leave)
Fist_Beard 4th level Berserker (Player absent)
Tak - 3rd Level Infiltrator (Player absent)

Numrendir, Human Male Coercer. (Conj6).
Slim - (new) 1st Level MU/Thief
Mysery Reigns, Halfling Female (Rogue6). D'Vine_Justice, Elf Female Initiate of the 5th Circle (D7). (Semi-Retired)
Weasel, Human Male, Guild Soldier (T14), Enchanter (MU7), & Myrmidon (F6).


Before going down the entrance in Rahl's former office that Culum McCreedy pointed out, the party decided to check out some of International Exports rooms. They found the livery, empty guest, rooms, the jewelry workshop, the vault (empty), and the barracks. (The jewelry workshop and vault were cleaned out and disarmed when International Exports were divested.)

Going into the barracks they found mostly bunk beds in orderly rows. Leading the pack were the three hirelings that Huang, Honda & Junkbot could not gain as Henchmen. They were given names, Ensign Ricky, Ensign Johnson, & Ensign Pulver. The first two failed their Intelligence checks and stepped onto a Gelatinous Disc, which as the same properties as a Gelatinous Cube, but flat and does not move as quickly. After several rounds of combat with the party, Ensign Ricky was consumed, Ensign Johnson lost a leg and Ensign Pulver escaped with minor damage.

Continuing on, they found the kitchen and the dining room with which Lucius and Balentine made off with the stainless steel flatware.

Next they entered a room that had stairs going up into the open sky, which they surmised after taking a look on top was the bottom entrance to the fallen tower next door. They also found large metal boxes most of which were making a sound, one of which keep making a thwup, thwup, thwup, sound and they determined the building had central air, one of the units needed maintenance.

Going back to the main area they checked out D'Vines' old room and found it in a state of miserable disrepair, plaster falling from the ceiling, cracked wallpaper (a flower motif) and a bit of dry rot. In the next room that was Elefus' they found it freshly primed but the paint brushes and the had not been put away. The next room formerly had been Notyet's and had been fully refurbished with two couches overhead lighting and some recent magazines on a coffee table.

The last room, formerly Rahl's (as mentioned last session) had a set of stairs going down. It had also been fully refurbushed with an oak staircase and a mural depicting wildlife.

However Kmaregh convinced the party explore the fallen tower out back, since he had a reason to obtain a book from Murrang's library on "Magical Intoxicants" for Zuphaitz the sage at the bazaar.

Going round back they were able to see the inside first floor of the tower shaped like a giant doughnut. The outer ring of the doughnut was intact but the center was open. Inside they could see circular staircase on the inside ring of the doughnut and two doors, one open, one closed. Hanging from the end of the staircase, was a rope ladder.

Kmaregh went up the rope ladder and found toppled over boxes of stationery with a demon's mark on the upper left hand corner. So he took a ream. Next he peeked inside the open door and found what appeared to be a very organized library and a man sitting at a desk perpendicular to his orientation. Reorienting himself as he came in he approached the man who said "Welcome to the Library, I'm Allam Oad the Librarian, feel free to look around. See me when you need to check out a book" After some searching, Kmaregh found a tome on Engineering and proceeded to the desk.

"Library Card Please?", said Allam.

"But I don't have one." replied Kmaregh.

"Not a problem, just fill out this form." and Allam handed him a bifurcated form asking for name and address. Upon filling out the form, Allam tore it in half and said "Here's your library card. Books are due back in one week or you are cursed." Kmaregh checked out the book and departed.

Next Kmaregh went to the closed door and found Merrang slightly annoyed but in a friendly mood. So Kmaregh asked about that book on "Magical Intoxicants".

"Ach," said Merrang, I can't get rid of them, "Whose asking, that old dog Zuphaitz? He keeps losing them." "Tell you what he continues, get one in that box off there and I'll even autograph it."

So Kmaregh opens one of the boxes (it had a singular rune of a happy smile on it), and took the book out. Merrang easily signed it and advised Kmaregh to "Tell Zuphaitz to stop losing them." and Kmaregh went on his way.

The party goes back into the International Exports main building, down the stairs and the fist item encountered was an empty ticket booth with a sign saying: "Adults 3 Silver, Children Free."

(The original module had 3 Copper, but thanks to Willis from modules DA2 & DA3 who is now employed as Blackmoor's science advisor, the price of Copper is now as high as Gold.)

Passing the booth without further ado, the Party emerged into the next room 5 openings. Each exit had a sign or picture above. One had a picture of a Snake, one had a stick picture of man and a woman, one had a sign saying "This way to the tremendous monster of gigantic proportions.", the next had a picture of a Bear, and the last had a sign that said "Exit", which is the entrance they just came through.

Lucius, Balentine and his personal Halfling (yet unnamed) slipped quietly down the entrance to the tremendous monster but discovered nothing of interest and rejoined the party later.

There was also an unattended bar and grill with the following sign:

Ale, pixie mug: 1 Argid
Peasant mug: 1 Silver
Jumbo mug: 2 Silver
Monsterburger: 1 Silver
Full Tour: Free

The party cooked themselves some monsterburgers without any of the wilted lettuce and tomatoes they found, and specifically avoided the mayonnaise. They all had some ale and found it watered down. After some debate they all decided to enter the entrance marked with the "Bear" symbol.

Following the paradigm of always turning right, the party easily sauntered along until they came to an iron door they could not open. Next they came to a chamber with a broken gate with a stream flowing through it. The sign on the gate read "Spot the Monster". Not seeing anything nor making an active search the party continued on.

Next they came to a room with an broken cage and a few scattered bear bones. There were two signs in the room. One hung on the cage and said "Extreme Danger, Do Not Feed Meat." The next over a door said "Employees Only". Without opening the door Kmaregh takes one sheet from his newly acquired ream and slips it halfway under the door.

The next item as they were rounding the corner they heard the sound of quacking and they encountered four ducks with a singular horn on the top of each of their heads, Uniducks.

Ignoring the Uniducks, the party moved on to the next chamber which was full of stalagmites and stalagtites and three other exits including a door which said "Employees Only". Without further investigation, they went through the door, which turned out to contain a twenty foot hallway and another door and and a light shining over the lintel and under the door. They heard some sounds so:

The party knocked.

Getting no answer the party entered the room. They found barrels of and crates (some opened) labeled "Meat" a table some chairs and a desk with a nameplate labeled "Zando - Office Manager". After the reading aloud, little Culum McCreedy shouted that's Dad!

Culum's loud noise caused some other commotion in the room the party found a pair of three foot high creatures with mens bodies and bull's heads. "Minitaurs".

Tracy Johnson



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