[TROIKA!] Cliff the Ardent Giant of Corda | Starter

Hi, I'm Cliff.

I am an Ardent Giant of Corda seeking adventure.

Check out my Skill of 5; Stamina of 21 and Luck of 9. You need me.

I have some really cool advanced skills in Strength 4 (I'm a Giant!); Astrology 3 (Whooooo); Run 2 (long legs help); Climb 2 (so versatile).

Right now, all I own is a knife, lantern, flask of oil, 6 provisions (food to the English-disabled), 7 silver pence to make purchases and a Rucksack to put it all in. My knife is the easiest to grab.

Oh ho! I also have an Artefact of Lost Corda! Yes, this prized possession of mine is the Blue Star Map that helps me figure out where any portal may lead.

That's it. The rest is up to you. Take me out for a spin!