[OD&D] S23 The Revenirs | Palace of the Vampire Queen

DM Michael Calleia aka Malchor

The Revenirs
Yolofinwe the Reasonable (Elf Fighter/Magic-User)
Damascus Once Risen (Human Fighting-Man)
Hodge the Hammer (Human Fighting-Man)
Elestar the Builder (Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric)
Sebastian Hawk Eye (Halfling Thief)

NPC Tristan the Human Cleric

Diary of Hodge the Once and Future Liberator

Sebastian and I stood at the entrance to the Palace of the Vampire Queen. Tristan was back in the trees with the horses and the rest were inside with an unknown band. I’m on my horse and Sebastian is on foot.

Tristan does not respond to our call. Sebastian and I look at each other and head toward his last known location. Three arrows fly toward us and I can’t get between them and Sebastian in time as he’s hit by two of them. I ride toward Tristan’s previous location.

We spot him standing and yelling, “I’m not with them... Well I’m with them but not the other them,” with his mace on the ground beside him.

The first one I see is a Halfling in chainmail with a short bow. Sebastian quickly drops him with a sling bullet. I charge and see two Dwarves skulking near the dropped body. They wear platemail and also have short bows. One misses me and the other's arrow hits me square in my chestplate, piercing deeply into me. I spot two more Dwarves with handaxes and a third in a green cloak screaming, “Surrender!” as I roll off my horse as if the arrow had killed me. Sebastian surrenders and then Tristan advises surrender.

As these Dwarves start stripping us of our gear and tying Tristan and Sebastian to a tree I realize it might be a good idea to have a stash of secondary gear hidden up near the entrance to the Palace.

I continue to play dead and eventually hear the familiar voice of Damascus, “What’s the Elf wearing?” and then Yolo’s spellcasting which is identified as more tonal than Elestar who tends to whisper words. Speaking of which, Elestar sees Tristan and Sebastian tied to a tree (Time Bandits style) and me lying on the ground as if dead. He holds no weapon and stretches his hands out beside him, palms open and walks toward me. The other band that was inside with them is now walking with them like an entourage.

A javelin leaps from Damascus’ hand and an Elf I had not previously seen drops face to face with me. He’s dead. Our new allies whiff on all their attacks. Combat ensues.

Green Cloak smokes entourage Dwarf; Yolo sends the rest of our attackers into magical slumber and as Elestar checks on my vitals I grab his hand, “I’m Alive; barely.”

The entourage is led by Sitven of the East in his plain clothes. He queries Sebastian and myself about why we attacked Myrr. We keep silent. How did he know that anyway? We could have easily all been ambushed including Myrr. This Sitven is more than he appears and one I consider dangerous.

Elestar leaves my side to bandage Myrr and saves his life. The entourage has six members including Myrr and Sitven. It takes me awhile to clear my head and get a good accounting of who is who. There is one other Human, two Dwarves named Circla and Holteth of the Savage Isles and an Elf completing the entourage. One of them at least serves some type of bear god.

Of our waylayers the Halfling is dead and the Elf I thought dead is just on the brink. Three Dwarves are snoozing under Yolo’s spell.

It’s getting dark.

I acquire the green cloak and an extra flail plus my gear. Sebastian reacquires his gear. Entourage wants a Dwarf’s plate armour. We acquiesce, more to deflect the issue with Myrr than any actual assistance they offered (which was nil).

The waylayer Elf is brought around to Damascus ranting about hanging them all as horse thieves while the rest of us seem either neutral or advise mercy. Myself I do not want to murder them however stripping them and setting them free sounds okay as they intended to leave me for dead and Sebastian and Tristan tied to a tree naked.

The Elven horse thief barters for his life with information on Dwarven Glory. Great riches on an Isle to the South that was once the seat of power in the Misty Isles. Infighting broke their power and it became and isle of outcasts. Apparently they have guns.

We split the coins from the horse thieves with Entourage fifty-fifty (42gp total). Now they say they want nothing to do with equipment as they don’t want to be known as the party that steals from other parties. We have no such impediment. This defeated party is obviously the one rumoured to be stalking other adventurers.

I put on the cloak. Entourage wants to go back into the Palace now. Yolo checks out a wailing noise to the North. We wait. I hold the group in a semicircle facing toward Yolo. Damascus and Tristan break off to the South. Damascus hollers something back about silly loyalties as he leaves the party. The rest of us have money invested in Damascus life, having paid to raise him from the dead..

I talk about turning the green cloak into a poncho. An arrow comes toward us from about where we think Yolo is supposed to be. We hunker down by the trees. Two dozen Kobolds march from the North to to palace doors and hang their banner out front then enter.

Howl from the East. Where is Yolo? Howl from the West. I mention tossing oil in the entrance behind the Kobolds but my vote is to head back to town.

Aforementioned 21gp to us.
2 short bows, 2 swords, 2 hand axes, 2 flails (I have one), 1 mace, 30 torches, 5 backpacks, 5 sacks, 5 wineskins, rations, 3 ropes, 3x12 spikes, 2 oils, 3 quivers with 20 arrows each, 1 green cloak (mine), hobbit chainmail, helm and shield, Elf leather and Dwarf leather.