HackMoor 2019/03/15 Sham the Sam(urai) and the Pharies

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We had a KFC 12 piece bucket and 3 sides.

Editor's correction, one character was misspelled as Thanos, he should have been named Thune. Other edits made to make the story fit consistently.


Last week we left Thune down to 4 hit points, so Cadfael healed him for 14 points with his Staff of Curing. (Cadfael has one charge left.) They spent the night in the room from where the Stirges came from without incident. They also found another secret door in that room so they departed that way. On their left was a door that by its position was obviously the door not chosen before they went down the other hall and fought the Stirges.

Turning right and going further down a hall it turned left and opened a door. They found stairs going down. Deciding the current level was still unexplored, the party closed the door and moved on, turning right and finding another door.

Entering therein, they found a room with rotting furniture and a dead Hobgoblin with its left arm "swollen and discolored" with another door opposite. One astute party member remembered last week remembered the reference to "Killer Bees" and judging from the their corporate memory, said bees would be approximately in the adjacent room. Sure enough a listening check distinctly revealed a sound of humming from beyond the next door.

Backtracking around the rooms, they made their way back to the Bros. o' Joe (The Joe-Bros.) and reported their deeds to the faction leader Kanadius, even holding aloft the severed head of the Giant Lizard. Also reporting many wounds among the party, Kanadius offered a healing potion. He sent a few Bros to the next room which had the same buzzing sound as heard from the adjacent room with the dead Hobgoblin, the Brothers came back with jar and applied a healing salve to the party's wounds.

Upon inquiry the salve turned out to be "Royal Jelly" from the Queen Killer Bee.

Giving the party a batch of it, Kanadius, congratulated them on a good job. "You're giving me good vibes, Moriarty. Woof, woof! Keep up the good work, woof." Feeling a little bit odd at the apparent cultural differences and backing away slightly the party said "Thanks" and continued to clean up this level.

Moving along, the party went back past the original entrance to the Stirges and turned right, then right again and came to another door. Inside they found nothing but old rotted cloth.

Leaving that, following the hall with a twist and turn, they bypassed another room from which they could hear music. Why? Who knows, players are fickle.

Another twist and turn, they came to a dead end with four 4 foot tall pottery jars and a door on the right. Examining the jars they found the first full of sand and the other three, empty. Opening the door, they found an empty room with a highly polished green floor. Sending Thune in first, he cried out in pain as the highly polished floor turned out to be a dormant green slime that had camouflaged itself. In order to save him they had to amputate his leg and apply some Royal Jelly to stop the bleeding.

Noticing the same markings on the pottery jars as on the door with the music, they doubled back and checked it out.

Within they found a about ten Sprites sitting on top of some crates with runes, making music, smoking all sorts of things, cavorting and having a time of it. The party introduced themselves and the Sprites introduced themselves as a band called the Pharies, The lead guitarist was called Hatty, and the Drummer was called Matty. A reading check determined the boxes said something like "Amy Sir Plus." Opening the boxes the party found fireworks, and suggested the Sprites stop smoking.

The Pharies grateful for the safety lesson, joined the Party, mainly out of curiosity.

Lastly, the party decided to go down the stairs. One turn to the right and they found a door and found crates and barrels guarded by four Bombadier Beetles, defeating those the party healed up. Then they checked out the crates found food and wine and camped out again. They also took a side trip topside to feed the horses and dawgs. They brought them in and stabled them in the first room they entered when this all started.

Upon return to the room where they defeated the Bombadier Beetles, they busted up one of the crates, made a halter and fitted it for Thune's leg.

Thune's nickname is now Peg-Leg Thune.







Paveltepec, first level Painted Mage
Sham, first level Samurai
Cadfael, first level Cleric
Glaxx, first level Druid
Namo, first level Thief
Thune, first level Berserker





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