It's 3 o'clock, do you know where your fiber is?

This past week I've started/worked on a pair of mittens, a blanket, 2 hats, and 3 cowls.

What do I have from all that work?
1 hat and 2 cowls.

I think Knitting/Crocheting is the only craft that you can spend hours on and end up with nothing at the end. This phenomenon isn't from extremely slow stitching, but from my tendency to rip things out when they aren't perfect.

For example, I had 1 completed thrummed mitt and the other one was 75% complete. The second mitt was turning out beautifully, the thrums were nice and even, no lumps, bumps or pointy-ness like the first mitt. Then it hit the first mitt...I pulled out the completed mitt and compared it to my second one. The first one is...huge...probably an 1 inch wider than the second one, the thrums are all half stuck out and the mitt comes to a point at the thumb and end where I grafted. I try on the second mitt, it fits perfect. I try on the first mitt, it fits perfect if my hand gets stung by bees and swells to twice it's size.

Remember that last post stating I'd never rip out thrums again? That first mitt is now a ball of yarn and a pile of bumpy roving. I started the week with 1.75 mitts, now down to 0.75, I've put aside the mitts for a few days until the frogging trauma dissipates.

As for the other hat, it just wasn't 'good' enough. I had a picture in my head of how I wanted it to look and the hat was not co-operating! So off the needles it came. The blanket was going to be a giant granny square using . A few rounds in I had a 3 ft granny square with giant holes that weighed a ton. My boyfriend didn't understand why I had to rip it out, but I just HAD to. It'll get re-started as a knit blanket on giant needles I'm thinking. The third cowl was just plain ugly, the colour mix looked like an angsty rainbow.

I'm very picky with the things I make, especially if it's for someone else. I will agonize over the project and mutter to myself, often also rocking back and forth. If I make a mistake in a gift and catch it right away I'll rip back and fix it, but when I discover the mistake after it's finished I usually give it to them still and hope for the best. If they don't knit they won't notice anyway, right? Not until I give it to them , tell them I made a mistake and then show it to them.

I don't remember when I became like this with knitting and crocheting, I used to let mistakes and oopsies slide and just use them as a 'good to know for next time' sorta thing.

My mom always says she includes one mistake in everything she makes, that makes it one of a kind.
It's a nice sentiment, I think I 'll try that....after I rip back this hat.

But then I'll try it, I swear.

See below for the lone hat I completed, my second (marker still attached, oops! There's that need to point out stuff again *slaps hand*)