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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/06/05
This week we had an extra large chicken topped Pizza and eight people showed up.

Next week half the gang will not be here so we've settled on the 1980s version of Avalon Hill's "Civilization", Thursday night 12 June 2014 at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601 starting about 5PM.


Before the party begins and the arrival of the ruler of Hell, Asmodeus (a.k.a. "Old Scratch") and his three guests, there were still a few preparations to be made.

At the Message Center it occurred to Party management, with knowledge of the imminent appearance of the Lord of Hell, that the Party would like to get paid. So Kmaregh asked the ubiquitous Orc with the clipboard, "Who's in charge here and when do we get our money?" Nonplussed, the Orc tells them to see Mudstone the Magician down the hall in the next room.

Kmaregh and Ulfberht went on their way, and before Ulfberht had a chance to knock, a voice from inside says "Come in, don't be bashful!", where they are greeted by the smiling face of Mudstone. "I know what the Orc just told you, but I don't have any cash on me. But if you take this voucher to the Bugbear and Ogre chiefs down the hall," as he hastily scribbles an amount on his voucher memo pad, "you'll be sure to get paid for the amount of 3 silver per Tuxedo wearer, 2 silver per Apron wearer and double time for Apron wearers performing Busboy duty at the party. You as Management get a gold piece."

Sure enough as directed to the Private Quarters next to the Dessert making room, they found the two chiefs arguing about who's throne will be closest to the entrance when the "guests" arrive. While annoyed at being interrupted, the Ogre Chief takes the voucher, squints, as though he could read it and asks, "How Much?" Kmaregh responds with "Fifteen Gold, and I can fix your seating problem." Easily pleased, the Ogre pays him off and both the Bugbear and Ogre agree to a seating arrangement facing each other next to the double-doors.

Next item on the agenda, Claven needed to get a new pair of shoes (due to a hit from the previous session), else he'll suffer a minus one to hit until fixed. Claven with Lauren leading the way to the storage, room, they find any size Orc combat boot Claven could want and finds a pair that fits. Just as they're leaving our constant Orc with the clipboard, appears and asks them to move that fountain over yonder to the Banquet room without tipping it. "Be careful he warns, there is a shape-changer in the fountain, he's here so he can impress the guests at the party." With the help of two Ogre guards, they make it without failing any dexterity checks.

Upstairs, the "special" after-dinner invitations were retrieved and handed out to the rest of the party (and henchmen). They busboys and waiters were instructed to hand out the invitations at all tables they attended. The invitations read:

"Bearer's of This Coupon are Invited to an After Party Celebration at D'Vine's and Numrendir's Tree Hugging Paradise and Magic Show" signed "Rahl"

(The signature was obviously forged.)

Next, the two thrones for the chiefs were collected and carried to the Banquet and placed in the aforesaid positions.

Lastly, the frozen Velociraptor was taken out of the freezer by the Party's mini-Frost Giant, "Frosty" and placed in the designated spot as prescribed by our clipboard wielding Orc.

Midnight arrived and the gong sounded for the big party. Places everyone!

Goblins, Orcs, Bugbears and Ogres were all seated at tables. The iceblock with the Velociraptor was to one side of this 90 by 120 foot banquet hall. A large lurker above was secured to the ceiling while displaying a banner saying "WELCOME HELLSPAWN". The two chiefes were on their thrones. Meanwhile everyone waited.

And waited.

An hour later, as everyone seemed to be getting nervous and a food fight was about to start between the Goblins and the Orcs, the room began to tremble, softly at first, but repeatedly louder as with the beat of footsteps. Then the whole set of double doors slam to the floor as the near 13 foot tall, (and well groomed) Asmodeus and his three Pit-Fiend "guests" appear. There is silence as the Arch-Devil examines the room. And with the sound of thunder as he starts to speak: "WHO DARES SUMMON ..."

Mudstone the Magician leapt to his feet and Asmodeus stopped speaking. Mudstone then shouts "Let the dead arise!"

All the roasted seagulls on the platters get up and begin to dance on the table tops.

Asmodeus, looks for a second, blinks, and starts to laugh. He snaps his fingers and nine random fires erupt in the middle of the banquet hall. As Asmodeus turns to leave with his Pit Fiend friends Kmaregh, hands him one of the after party invitations. Asmodeus takes it and smiles. The Pit Fiends start three more fires of their own then the Arch-Devil and his retinue disappears in a blink.

Meanwhile back in the Banquet Hall, as a GM I divided it into 20 sections and I rolled for 9 plus 3 fires in each of the sections. Repeated numbers we re-rolled to another section. Those in sections that were hit by fires and did not make their saving throws took 30 to 34 hits. Those who died right away were:

The Bugbear Chieftain
Simon #2
Lucy's NPC Prostitute

Those who could made for the nearest exit. Also at this time, the Velociraptor now defrosted, attacked the nearest PC who happened to be Lucius. Lucy fought back but died heroically while Ulfberht and Ensign Pulver landed killing blows from behind. But they were too late to save Lucius.

The tremors, fires, and the combat must have done something, because where once the ice block stood, was now a gaping hole in the ground. After division of property of the dead party members, the party (and after getting permission of the surviving Ogres and Bugbears), decided to send a section of Party volunteers down below, comprising of:

BA_Baracus and
(with apologies to Murdock who did not survive).

Additionally, the Players who own these characters will run this detachment in the next level separately while they are embarked for a few weeks. Will look forward to the after action report.



Kmaregh Dismal, Evoker
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Huang - Monk Master
Honda - Samurai Bushi
Lucius - Rutterkin, (a.k.a Lucy)
Balentine - Plant Killer
Elefus, Human Male Deacon - (Coming out of retirement.)
Doriel, an Elf Bravo.
Lauren, a Half-Elf Veteran
Ulfberht Axewieder, a Dwarf Veteran
Claven, a Touched of Tyr

NPCs (Now with names! Mostly anyway.)

Hireling Ensign Johnson (upstairs as invalid, performing gate guard duty in the former International Exports building
Hireling Ensign Pulver
Henchman Tubbs
Henchman Hannibal
Henchman Face
Henchman Murdock
Henchman B.A. Baracus
Henchman Magnum
Henchman Rockford
Henchman Simon (#1)
Henchman Simon (#2)
Henchman Shaft
An unnamed Halfling prostitute
Tracy Johnson



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