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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/05/29

When we left off last session the party had been hired as busboys and waiters for the upcoming party in the Orc Lodge at midnight.

While Kmaregh went upstairs to work out some details with Zando the Zoo Director, Doriel was left to supervise the rest of the Party. Doriel sent sections of the Party in groups as follows:

1) The first group of Henchmen B.A., Face and Character Claven were sent to clean the Orc Latrine. Picking up supplies in the storage room without incident, they commenced cleaning. Whilst in the midst of cleaning, they were accosted by a Giant Frog. B.A. and Face took all of the damage but they managed to defeat the Frog for 270 Experience Points.

2) The next group with Zibbs, Crockett, & Magnum were sent to repair a broken door that had been busted on the inside. Wherein they found restraints that were supposed to hold down coincidentally, a Giant Frog. Inside the room they also found a recipe for Giant Frog's Legs. However with all the hammering and pounding they woke and annoyed the sleeping grumpy Troll next door, who immediately killed Zibbs and Crocket, taking their bodies back into his room, leaving a dazed and confused Magnum to flee into the Ogre barracks where he was tossed out on on his ear.

3) Next the party went to clean the freezer. (I think it was Doriel, Lauren, & Ulfberht, but I didn't take those notes.) In any case they opened the door and went inside and nearly got frozen by an Ice Toad. Closing the door, they retreated back to the first room they cleaned (and got defrosted by Junkbot when he arrived, later).

4) Next we go upstairs with Kmaregh, Zando, Honda, & Colum McCreedy. After leaving Colum McCreedy in Zando's office, they went to investigate the portal that delivers flawed monsters. After a few minutes there was a pop followed by a fizz sound, (much like the thumb in the cheek intro of a Lawrence Welk Show rerun) and from the portal came four miniature giants. One mini-Stone Giant called "Rocky", a mini-Frost Giant called "Frosty", a mini-Fire Giant with an eye-patch called "Arrrrrr", and a mini-Hill Giant called "Jethro". The four, rather used to being the "Big Men on Campus" demurred, seeing as they were now the same size as regular people. (Although with their reduced size rock throwing ability they may try out for Major League Pitchers.) Since they were amicable, the party hired them on the spot. [Lacking my notes, I think it was for room & board with a promise to get them eventually back to "regular" (giant) size.] This group went back downstairs and perhaps the mini-Giants were also given aprons, I'm not sure.

5) Another section of the party was assigned Kitchen duty, where they ended up cleaning dishes after "sampling" the chef's pièce de résistance, namely Cream of Leech soup and Steamed Beetle and Cheese casserole. Apparently they all made their constitution checks and survived. They cleaned dishes for the remainder of the session.

6) The scene now pans downstairs to a group led by by Huang, Rockford, and Ensign Pulver to assist in Dessert Preparation. Entering without knocking (and duly noted too), the party burst in to a group of fine Bugbear ladies sitting about a table preparing cream covered Eye of the Deep dessert who shrieked: "Eeeek! Huuuumans!" Additionally our group all missed their saving throws when they saw the Eyes in their fish tank and became Paralyzed. Immediately a team of crack Ogre guards (who just happened to be passing) came and dragged off this group to the swill tank for "punishment".

7) The group that was upstairs now joined with the rest of the party and decided to go deal with the Ice Toad in the Freezer. Along the way they passed the Nursery and were delayed a bit while being told to be on the lookout for a missing baby. Upon arrival someone made their Intelligence check and they understood the Ice Toad was simply the freezer's cooling element. Keeping away from the Toad they managed to clean the Freezer. Another item of note: They decided to stay away from was the block of ice holding a small dinosaur.

8) By this time an exasperated Magnum reached the party who decided to finish the Troll once and for all. But they were approached by the ubiquitous Orc with a clipboard and were told that all those wearing tuxedos had to report to the "Message Center" to count RSVP that came in for tonight's party. They agreed but they asked to wait because they wanted to deal with the Troll. Agreeing to this the Orc said he'd wait for them in the Message Center.

9) Making past their way down to to the Trolls quarters, they commenced repairing the broken door down the hall with the prospect of making enough noise to disturb the Troll again. The higher levels of the party easily defeated the Troll (and also finished repairing the door). Amidst the self-congratulatory remarks of defeating the Troll, Lauren goes into the Troll's room and investigates, finding the Human and Gnome Titan bones (Crockett and Zibbs), a huge black opal, 1400 gold pieces, and a half gallon jug with a pint of unknown fluid. Lauren almost made off with the treasure, but the weight of all the Treasure made sure he was noticed by the others as his movement rate was slowed to a crawl.

Taking exception to this was Balentine, who offered 500 GP for the Opal and Kmaregh made his dibs roll for the Jug. After MUCH negotiation, the remaining 1400 gold were split among several Party members (thus solving the weight problem) and most everyone was happy.

10) Next the four members wearing Tuxedos, (Doriel, Claven, Huang, & Junkbot) met with the Orc at the Message Center to count RSVPs. They were to remove 100 RSVP postcards strung from 100 bats on the ceiling. Also inside the room was an open window with nothing but pitch blackness on the outside. After counting the notes, there was only one response. A successful "Infernal Languages" check by Honda revealed the RSVP was returned with "I Asmodeus, shall certainly arrive, accompanied by 3 guests."

11) On a final note upon rejoining the party after cleaning all day, Claven reported a 100% clean latrine and a disposed of Giant Frog. That latrine now shined as well as cleaned by Andy Griffith in "No Time for Sergeants".

P.S. I think I missed mentioning the group who moved the Retch Plant and Strangleweeds into the Centerpiece assembly room. Nothing major there.

Next week: Paaaarrrteeee!



Kmaregh Dismal, Evoker
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Huang - Monk Master
Honda - Samurai Bushi
Lucius - Rutterkin, (a.k.a Lucy)
Balentine - Plant Killer
Elefus, Human Male Deacon - (Coming out of retirement.)
Doriel, an Elf Bravo.
Lauren, a Half-Elf Veteran
Ulfberht Axewieder, a Dwarf Veteran
Claven, a Touched of Tyr
Zibbs, a Gnome Titan Rage Warrior (recently deceased)

NPCs (Now with names! Mostly anyway.)

Hireling Ensign Johnson (upstairs as invalid, performing gate guard duty in the former International Exports building
Hireling Ensign Pulver
Hireling Ricky (killed two sessions back).
Henchman Crockett
Henchman Tubbs
Henchman Hannibal
Henchman Face
Henchman Murdoch
Henchman B.A.
Henchman Magnum
Henchman Rockford
Henchman Simon (#1)
Henchman Simon (#2)
Henchman Shaft
An unnamed Halfling prostitute

Tracy Johnson



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