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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/04/24
(Parenthetical statements were removed for the transmission version sent to the Players.)

This week we had a large Rosalia pizza, which seem a concoction of salami, spinach and olives. By large, it was two feet in diameter. Truly huge.


The party made it back to D'Vine's Tree Hugging Paradise and Theme Park without incident and reported back the status of the former International Exports and the incidents along the way. D'Vine was asked again the whereabouts of the Halfling Mysery_Reigns, for which she had no clue. It was highly suspected that Mysery was behind the Groin Punch (and attempted Pick Pocket) of Junkbot.

D'Vine made the point however, no matter where Mysery may be, she had to leave her kids with the baby-sitter. One may logically conclude that the baby-sitter always has a means to contact the mother. Thus arrangements were made and the baby-sitter put in a call to Mom. The call was put through and it was determined Mysery could return in a few days.

(I decided to lift this part from the Citadel Union and the adventure from TSR module W7. )

The party spent the next day in the area outside the theme park that caters to visitors and charges abnormally high tourist prices. The new Player, Kmaregh_Dismal, a Magic User GP (General Practitioner) went to the local Bazaar outside of the park containing many shops. His first stop was the Sage Zuphaitz. Entering past the beads and tie-dye hangings which made up the decorations Zuphaits invites him to ask any question. Kmaregh asked "What's my fortune?" To which the the tipsy sage offered a telling for 100GP. This was slightly out of Kmaregh' price range so the Sage made a slightly slurred counter offer: "Bring me Merrang's book of Magical Intoxicants from the fallen tower of International Exports and not only will I waive the fee, I'll give you two fortunes!" Kmaregh indicates he'll make the attempt and goes on his way.

(I had the Player who runs Snizzlephish but not present in this adventure role-play the sage. So for the record I showed him both fortunes. The first was "You're gonna die." The second was "You'll be raised from the dead." To be revealed upon successful retrieval from the book, albeit the fortune may have taken effect before delivery.)

Kmaregh's next stop was the Magic Shop of Goodmerchant Kielbasa. Kmaregh asked if there were any wands of lightning or fire. "Just so happens I have a Wand of Fire here with 92 charges! Yours for a mere 150,000 Gold Pieces!" said Kielbasa. Kmareg indicate that was a "A little out my price range. Do you have any Cloaks of Protection?" "Indeed," says Kielbasa, "here in my clothing section I have a +1 Protection Cloak for a paltry 50,000 Gold!". "Still too high for my taste." Kielbasa came up with a suggestion, "Well if you can't afford a Wand of Fire, how about a scroll for a mere 3000?" Kmaregh's reply was "No thanks, I was just browsing." And he was on his way.

Meanwhile Huang, Honda, & Junkbot decided to look for Henchmen, (something my Party has never tried). While at the Bazaar they had two choices, "The Cavaliers' Club" and the "Combat Training Facility", since The Cavalier's Club only had Cavaliers and Paladins as clients, they decided to go to the regular facility.

At Combat Training Facility they were told they do not allow direct hires while matriculated. They were in luck however, Tomorrow is graduation day and they may be able to find Henchment them tomorrow after the ceremony. But Today, all students are at D'Vine's theme park for training.

"Whaaaa? D'Vine's?" came the unison response from them all.

"Oh yes, we have a contract with the facility. Her wooded area is an excellent training venue."

"Can we watch?", came the voyeuristic reply.

"Sure not a problem! I see you have your hand stamped, you don't even need to pay admission."

Back at D'Vine's theme park for the rest of the afternoon they watched 20 students practice their combats skills. After it was over there were 17 survivors, most of whom stopped at the Multi-religion temple in the Bazaar where each student could get customized healing.

End of the day and Mysery had not yet not arrived.

Next day they all went out to the Graduation Ceremony which turned out to be a duel with the students from The Cavalier's Club. Survivors and those who fight to a draw are allowed to graduate. A quick battle was fought rolling a ten sided die for each participant. Any low number with difference greater than 5 from the opposing die roll was a death. Otherwise each battle was a draw. There were three kills on the the Training Facility's side leaving a total of 14 graduates.

11 of which were recruited as Henchmen, the remaining 3 ended up as Hirelings.

Also at the end of graduation, Mysery arrived, much peeved at being recalled by the babysitter. She of course refused to reveal where she had been.

In the meantime D'Vine had revealed some news. It turns out the residents of former International Exports intend to promote a competing theme park. D'Vine as a Druid being Neutral in nature sees that as unwelcome competition with the possibility of affecting the bottom line, so much so that Tree Hugging Paradise and Theme park could simply fold from lack of income.

The Party split into two cooperating factions. One under direct payment from D'Vine for an untold sum. The other for no payment at all and simply for what they could find and the adventure of it. The members and their factions as follows:

Lucious - Paid faction.
Ballentine - Paid faction.
(Unnamed halfling prostitute) Paid faction.
Kmaregh - Paid faction.
Huang - Free faction.
Honda - Free faction.
Junkbot - Free faction.
Mysery - Free faction.
Huang & Honda's hirelings - Free faction.

Numrendir's Player took a night time job and retired his character. He took a partnership offer from D'Vine and the theme park will now be "D'Vine and Numrendir's Tree Hugging Theme Park and Magic Show."

Next day the party fully armed and mobilized, headed out for International Exports. Along the way there was a homeless red haired boy sitting against a tree with a tin cup and sign around his neck that said "Orphan". "A copper for a new Orphan?" he begged. "My daddy has disappeared in International Exports and I don't think he'll ever be coming back."

To make a long story short, the orphan is willing to escort the Party to where he last saw his dad.

Arriving without incident, they found the main double doors wide open with an awful stench of death. Inside they found two bodies of construction workers, barrels of paint, wood, sawhorses & ladders. These the party surmised were to be for the new facade of the competing theme park.

There were several doors all closed except one busted wide open which Huang & Honda remember as International Exports' former treasure vault. (Before they divested themselves of course.) There were several other doors, clearly marked by former members of the adventuring group. "Livery", "Barracks", "D'Vine", "Elefus", "Notyet" and lastly, "RAHL".

"That's the door my Daddy went into, and he never came back!"

++++ END OF SESSION ++++

Tracy Johnson
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Tracy Johnson



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