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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/04/17 "Gauntlet"
We spotted a missing Player of the character Elefus who, ostensibly has been telling us for a year he has a work conflict. He wandered in with his own group of Vampire-Punk players. "Aha, caughtcha!", I shouted as he was about to enter the store. (It was all friendly, we were able to use him to backfill some history for the new Player.)

This week we had some sort of pizza, I forget which kind. I started a draft Friday but waited too long and it was automatically deleted in Webmail. So here begins again from memory and crib notes from a card.


First item of business, we prevailed upon D'Vine the Druid and her Tree Hugging Theme Park to stable the party's Beasts of Burden, and Bill the Talking Pony gets to keep his job with D'Vine. Next the Party decided to go on a scouting mission to the ruins of International Exports, Inc. For the record the building was mostly a single story structure with a tower. Allegedly, most of the stock inside was divested when the company broke apart, primarily for tax purposes.

As the party attempted to leave the park via the main gate, they had to pass through the crowd lined queued up at the ticket booths, the first sight they beheld were a troupe of entertainers pleasing the crowd. At this point Junkbot felt something touch his belt pouch and he caught a halfling who failed her pickpocket roll, and she also failed her mingle skill check so could not slip into the crowd. She DID make her groin punch roll, so Junkbot was down for the count and lost a point of Honor. Huang hit her for 20 points but she got away due to a Party's command decision not to follow.

There were a few overpriced tourist hotels that appeared outside the theme park entrance, and the party passed those without incident. Shortly afterward they were accosted by seven beggars to which were tossed Numrendir's entire Fanny Pack of Holding's stash of 15 Hard Silver Pieces. Sated, the beggars left for other quarters.

As the Party passed further down the lane they were accosted by three bandits. Two were hidden on either side, one of whom blocked their path, demanding the Party's money. As Numrendir raised his Staff of Sunflame, he was hit by a spear from the hidden right bandit. The hit caused only 2 points of damage but it was enough to deflect his the Staff's blast 45 degrees upward to the left. The bandits immediately ran off but there was a round of applause and a cheer from the line at the ticket booth. "Fireworks!"

They came to a "T" section along the route so the party had to make a decision whether to keep following the remains of the pavement or the overgrowth since the devastation. They chose to stay on the road. Passing by one of the few intact buildings, the old 1st Bank of Weasel, they were followed by 7 more bandits who fell back after a threat of more fireballs.

The finally passed by and got a good view of the old International Exports building. They took note of it and decided to return another day as it became late afternoon. They continued around the path to return by the other half the the "T" intersection. There were some ruins there they also wanted to check out. They were buildings once owned by party members. i.e., D'Vine's original spa before she sold out, and a winery and bakery owned by Rahl. (Note the title deed is still held by Rahl, despite his enemy status.)

They noted the total devastation as they passed, assessing there was nothing to salvage. As they passed they were set upon by some Bottomland Orcs with arrows. The new Player Kmareg_Dismal played a Phantasmal Force spell of Rain of Fire, killing two Orcs outright (well at least they think they're dead). More Orcs were killed by blaster fire from Honda and Numrendir, and Quarrels from Huang. The remainder of the Orcs were killed by continuing rounds from the faux Raid of Fire.

Continued next session.

Tracy Johnson



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