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MX Linux
For the first time since I switched to Linux fifteen years ago, I'm not using some flavor of Ubuntu. The reason Ubuntu got to be so big in the Aughts was because "it just works" when that was not the case for so many Linux distributions. That was also the reason why I never bothered with distro-hopping. why would I? (X)Ubuntu just worked for me. Okay, having a RealTek wifi chipset requiring a dkms driver was a pain in the ass when doing a clean install upgrade, but otherwise, it just worked. Until the 22.01 LTS. 

What's weird is I keep seeing youtubes videos with titles like "22.04: Ubuntu is good again!" Because it has been my worst experience with an operating system since I left MicroSoft behind. Never mind the whole snaps issue, it would sometimes take up to 20 seconds just to delete files. I'd set up keyboard shortcuts to launch frequently used programs and the system wouldn't recognize them after booting up until I logged out and back in, again. When backing up files to an external hard drive, the data transfer rate was between 5-20 MiB/sec. It had never been below 50 previously.

So I've install MX Linux. First thing I noticed was that the wifi chipset was detected. No having to mess with installing a dkms driver. The next thing I noticed was that it's ugly. So I'm going to spend some time checking out different themes, icons, and wallpapers. But that's for later. For now is setting up keyboard shortcuts, setting up ~/bin in $PATH (seriously, how is that not the default?), downloading all the small programs my scripts need, like rename and num-utils, and figuring out how to get certain programs to remember their state when closing. For instance, I want gthumb to open as maximized; it never does even though I closed the program when maximized. mcomix is worse: I want it to open full screen, no problem, there's an option for that in preferences, but I want it to be maximized when not in full screen, not the 80x100 pixel window it shrinks down to when leaving full screen. Annoying.

But I've been playing around with it for a bit and so far I'm happy with my decision. What's to come? Tomorrow Never Knows.
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