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Not a write-up. More of a proof of concept.

The Batwom: a relatively large (up to 3 feet long, 40 to 75 lbs), furry, flying marsupial that drops cubes of dung on unsuspecting victims. (Fun Fact: The Bare-nosed Wombat is the only animal that poops in cubes.) (Until now.) Use the Drop Attack rules (Ə-OH, pg 12) but use a base Damage Die of, well, its a cube of poop so let's go with d6. This allows for variants like the Lesser Batwom that poops tetrahedrons for a base d4, but has the additional threat of immobilizing entire groups with their caltrop-like scat; or the Great-Proboscis Batwom with its prodigious d12 poops.
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