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Shit I've Learned
12) "Does a bear shit in the woods?" is no longer the rhetorical question it used to be.
12a) For a few decades, now, people who care about such things have noticed a great increase in fungal diseases attacking the flora in the forests of the 'Murican Northwest (Oregon, Washington, whatever it is up in the hinterlands known as Canada), and for a few decades, now, scientists had no idea why beyond "climate change, maybe." Then someone looked at the bigger picture of the timeline and realized it was a result of all the dams.
12b) Because of all the dams, the salmon aren't swimming as far upstream as they used to. Because salmon aren't around, the bears are either going to where the salmon are, or they aren't eating salmon. As a result, the nutrients that salmon are full of from living in the deep ocean, iodine in particular, aren't being carried inland to be eaten by bears, who then, in turn, help inoculate the land against fungal diseases by shitting in the woods.
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