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Just to find out how much the US government distrusts me.

So I just got back from applying for a passport. I doubt it'll actually be used, if I'm actually issued one, but having one solves a lot of potential problems.

$200. I could have pre-ordered a copy of 1817 and gotten more value from it. Or two other 18xx games and gotten them in about the same amount of time. (6 to 8 weeks for passport processing, my ass.) (For comparison, the backlog at Golden Spike Games is currently eight months.) Or three decent board games, which tend to cost upwards of $60. Hell, even half-decent games like Ticket to Ride cost $50.

But no. I decided to throw that $200 at the government for the possibility to do what? Thumb a ride to Mexico? Go to Canada to be denied a doctor's visit because I can no more afford it up there as I can here? It's certainly not so that I can continue to fly passenger airlines come October. That last time I flew was seven years ago, and that was because of a lack of choice. I'd sooner take a Greyhound than fly.

I don't know where I'm going with this post so I'll end it here.
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Can come visit me.

I needed a passport for a trip. I used to have an enhanced license so I could drive to the states without a passport but they've discontinued them as most people just get passports here. Because of the extra rules the US added making it harder to go there, Canada made passports easier and they last 10 years now.

I have no idea the cost. It wasn't really an optional item for me.
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Huh. Just received the passport. Didn't expect to get any kind of response for at least another six months.

All doc'ed up and nowhere to go.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade

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