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Gaming 2019/10/10 Dungeon!
Games are normally on Thursday nights sometime after 6:00PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.  (Yes I moved back to Thursday.)

We had our usual Philly Cheese Steak Pizza with fresh Mozzarella.   Lately we have added diced tomatoes.

++++ SUMMARY ++++

On October 10, we Played two games of TSR's original "Dungeon!" the children's version of D&D played out on a singular map.

The game is full of small cards, 28mm by 38mm.

You start out as one of four types of characters, represented by a simple colored pawn.  A green pawn to be an Elf, a blue pawn to be a Hero, a red pawn to be a uperhero, or a white pawn to be a Wizard.  The objective to return to the start space with prizes as follows:

Elf:  Prizes worth 10,000 gold pieces.
Hero:  Prizes worth 10,000 gold pieces.
Superhero:  Prizes worth 20,000 gold pieces.
Wizard:  Prizes worth 30,000 gold pieces.

Each Monster has a number to roll on two dice to defeat it.  The Elf in this regard has the more difficult die rolls and the Superhero generally has the easier die rolls.  The Wizard also has a much difficulty as the Elf, but he has two spells, Lightning Bolt or Fireball to defeat the Monster.  To mitigate the difficulty of the Elf, the Elf gets to go through secret doors easier.

The layout of Dungeon! very simple, there are a series of rooms color coded for levels one to six.  Each room has a Prize card in it.  On top of each prize card, a Monster card is placed on it.  Players move tokens five spaces down hallways from room to room.  If you open a new room you fight the Monster, if you defeat it, you win the Prize card.  If you lose, you roll on a LOSER table and odds are you may drop a Prize card and retreat.  If you roll snake eyes, boxcars or a three, you drop everything and go to back to the Starting spot.  (On snake eyes your character is dead but you get to start as a new character anyway.)

In any case back to the objectives, the Prizes on levels one, two, and three are smaller and the Monsters are easier to defeat.  Hence the Elf and Hero should stick to those levels.  The Prizes on levels four through six are progressively harder, so the Superhero and Wizard should concentrate there.

Here is the funny part.  Should you drop all your prizes and be sent back to Start, another Player could enter the space where you dropped the prizes, defeat the same Monster and get all your prizes.  Or you can ambush another player and take their prizes.  The game plays with 2 to 12 Players, so in a game with a lot of Players, they have a tendency to follow each other around hoping the other Player has a major defeat to collect the loser's prizes.

There are other small mechanics too numerous to mention them all.


Next game is Thursday, we had a new Player show up, so we may get back to HackMaster again.  I have a fallback game in mind if this pans out.

Tracy Johnson



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