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HackMoor 2019/05/10 Cadfael Died and Rose Again
Games are normally on Friday nights sometime after 5:30PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.  

We had an extra large sausage pizza.

What has gone before:

The Party is with a small underground civilization named Cynicism (demonym: Cynics) who are constantly stoned out of their gourd due to the poor diet of mushrooms, underground fish, and lack of sunlight.  (I think it's mostly the mushrooms.)  The Cynics are controlled by a priestly class of Ba'al worshippers and a tribe of Hobgoblins.  The Party has aligned themselves with three rebel Catholic factions whose numbers are still too small (450) to defeat Ba'al.  (550 plus a tribe of 200 Hobgoblins, and a large family of Ogres.)


This session was rather brief with the following event.

If you recall last week, Cadfael was captured and taken in to the Temple of Ba'al.  This was caused by a random encounter of stoned Cynics who thought the Cadfael was demon possessed.  His two companions, (I neglected to mention this last post), had killed one of this three captors but not before Cadfael was taken.  He was inert, as a Hold Person spell and rendered him immobile.  The two companions retreated in to the headquarters of the Magi of Jesus across the street.

Cadfael was then taken to be "exorcised" by the demon hunters.  He was placed on a rack and tortured until he died.

His Player had no recourse except to play a Hackmaster card, for a Minor Raise Dead spell.  Meaning his character also got two flaws.  The first flaw I argued successfully, was now three inches taller than he was (thanks to the rack).  The other was he became a bleeder, in other words a Hemophiliac.  This also convinced the demon hunters their "exorcsim" was a success and he was welcomed into the temple of Ba'al.

Thankfully, he wasn't raised from the dead while his body was with the three Catholic factions.  They would have made him a saint.

This also meant Cadfael acquired 1000 experience points because of my house rule that the first character's death earns him that.  This also qualified the character to raise level, since he now had the requisite experience points.  However this is HackMaster, and characters are required to train for a week per current level.  Being a first level, this meant one week but WHERE to train?

Problem solved, what better place to train for the next level of the priesthood than the temple of your enemy?  Besides, I found no rule against it saying you "have" to train in your own Religion's school, or even the same alignment.  (Perhaps I'll be corrected shortly.)  Cadfael also gained the knowledge of the enemy temple troop order of battle, that can be used next session.    It should also be noted, that everyone in this wretched city wears a full facial mask.  So it isn't like anyone in the Temple is going to notice his looks, saying "You're not from these parts are you?".  And Cadfael doesn't talk much.

So we fast forwarded a week, raising Cadfael to second level.  Meaning Sham the Samurai's troop reinforcements should arrive the next day.







Paveltepec, first level Painted Mage
Sham, first level Samurai
Cadfael, second level Cleric
Glaxx, first level Druid
Namo, first level Thief
Thune, first level Berserker
10 Sprites, in a musical band called the Pharies
500 Light Infantry, enroute.
1000 Cynics





This is also posted on two forums, and a blog.

Tracy Johnson



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