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Groo Tries To Grow As A Gamer
(05-01-2018, 02:37 PM)Groo The Wanderer Wrote: I was able to scrape up some cash to purchase the DLC that Kersus was talking about a play through a couple games with the new missions, but I still want to keep my eye on the prize: beating a game on Ironman! So I've spent a little time re-reading old posts to get a feel for where I left off, and now I'm loading the old game to see what's what. NOTE: I was given the option of enabling the DLC, but chose not to at this time. I might get the option again at a later date, but I'll actually put that decision in the hands of the forum: should I go-ahead with the extra (MUCH harder) missions, or keep it pure?

Probably stick to what you're comfortable with. Those Rulers are much tougher however I "think" you get some items from them. I've never played without the DLC, so I'm not positive.

I wonder how you can find yourself enjoying glorious deaths? The best parts of D&D back in the day were the glorious or ridiculous deaths. I have far fewer stories of success that are worth telling. Admittedly, when I was young and lost characters, it was only funny after-the-fact for me. It took years of deaths and running games to see how wonderful a great death can be.
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So I`ve taken a brief hiatus from the Ironman game to dabble in other pursuits, namely the new BattleTech PC Game and, oh, my awesome toddler... I don't intend to shelve this project permanently, but taking the summer off could be a real possibility... just keeping you all in the loop!
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