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Tracy's HackMoor 2017/08/03 Divine Right Playtest
I'm doing a pre-publication demo of the latest edition of Divine Right at the Guns of August Convention at the Virginia War Museum August 25-27, 2017.  9285 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia 23607

Expect to run the game on the Saturday afternoon time slot (after lunch).  Let's say, 1PM will run to the bitter end.

Since I'm running this demo, this night we did a small play test with my gaming group.  There was one item worthy of note:

One guy had the Trolls.  He had one ally with the personality that allows only one unit per set up space.

During the course of play he had stacked two units of Trolls with one unit of that ally.  All of his other non-Troll stacks were one unit high.

He rolled the epidemic event.

In true rules lawyer fashion, we had an argument.

One player claimed the stack with the Trolls was the largest stack.  Player has to loose the one non-Troll unit from THAT stack.

The other player claimed since the Trolls are immune, they don't count towards the largest stack.  Therefore since all non-Troll stacks are one unit high, the one unit lost has to be at random.

I have a preliminary finding from the Divine RIght folks but can't say what it is right now.
Tracy Johnson



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