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So apparently either I didn't actually hit Post Thread or something weird happened with the forum software.


Spell Base: 6
Min. Rank: d16
Resist: No

The successful casting of Cunctation is immediately followed with the casting of another spell. Assuming success, the effects of the second spell is delayed for a number of Combat Turns equal to the Points of Success of Cunctation.

+4 to delay 1 Adventure Turns per PoS
+8 to delay 1 Travel Turn per PoS
+4/2R to hold the delayed spell until a trigger situation occurs, determined at the time of casting Cunctation. If 1 Travel Turn/PoS has elapsed without a trigger, the delayed spell dissipates. This does not count as a spell failure.

*Failing Cunctation means the second spell cannot be cast.
*Failing the spell to be delayed means Cunctation has nothing to be delayed.
*If a spell is not cast immediately after Cunctation, Cunctation dissipates. This does not count as a spell failure.
*In comp-sci terms, Cunctation is cast absolutely, not relatively. A player may say, "I cast Lightning Bolt 60 feet in front of me," but that's using relative terms to describe an absolute location. So if a character casts a Cunctated Lightning Bolt "60 feet in front of him," then moves to that location 60' in front of him during the delay, he'll be hit by a Lightning Bolt. A player may want to cast a Cunctated Create Meal spell with "when I stop for a mid-afternoon snack" as a trigger with the intention of having a nice mid-afternoon snack during his ride. Unfortunately, come mid-afternoon, the only ones enjoying a nice mid-afternoon snack are the ants, rats, and other sundry scavengers back where the spell was cast.
*Exception to the previous: if the Cunctated spell requires a specific target (person touched, for example), then the spell affects the target even if it has moved.
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