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Prequel, Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/12/01
In an effort to speed up next session, what follows is the next situation.  If you recall Vixine and Blake were taken prisoner and a chase ensued to other parts of the dungeon.  We left off the chasing party at an intersection shaped much like the Norwegian Rune for the letter "n", the party was coming up the middle and was about to turn a sharp left when mysteriously, the effect of the "detect evil" spell faded rapidly.

Assuming the party continues left they will come upon a circular 40 foot diameter chamber and about 40 feet high at the apex of its dome.  It is made to appear as if it were a natural cavern.  The walls are hewn to appear as boulders, and detritus is spread by the walls.  Jagged rocks protude from the permiter in seemingly natural manner.  Even in the relatively open center, the floor is uneven, with cracks, ledges, and loose rock.  The area is lit with a dim multicolored light, with no apparent source but nonetheless leaving pools of of shadows near the walls.

In other words, much like the cheesy paper mache' cave walls of an Original Star Trek episode.

Additionally the air smells foul.  The party sees a dwarf size skeleton in chain mail and on one rock a leering skull is perched atop a rock and seems to be taunting the party.  There are two narrow cave-like entrances opposite the party's entry and ten feet further to the Party's right the passage seems to continue in a 180 degree turn.

With all this preparation, I expect a formal marching order as the party enters the chamber to deal with the following:

1)  From one of the the narrow openings, the voice of Vixine can be heard, crying for help.

2)  In the middle of the room in front the other narrow opening is a creature they have not seen before.  It has the body the size and shape of a stag, a lionlike tail, and the head of badger, with sharp teeth.Leucrotta, it is kneeling near the ground chowing down on what appears to be the remains of Blake.

(Non-particpants are also encouraged to reply on party or monster tactics.)

In the non-email version a picture of the monster (a Leucrotta) is attached.  I do not expect the Players (who get the email version), to even look here.

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Tracy Johnson



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