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[Jyhad] Target Canada
Losers. Not the employees, the people in control of the company.
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I hadn't heard about this until just now so I did a quick search. A couple comments to articles that stick out: "The one consistent failing is Americans can't wrap their heads around the fact that Canada and in particular Canadian consumers are NOT Americans;" and "I have to laugh that 'Minnesota Nice' turned out to be a horrible corporate philosophy. Especially since it always comes packaged with 'Minnesota Judgmental' and 'Minnesota Passive-Aggressive.'"

Walmart had similar experiences, especially when trying to expand into China. You want to see a demographic that is practically the polar opposite of 'Muricans? Look at China. You had the local Chinese saying to Corporate, "That won't work here," and Walmart execs in China saying to Corporate, "That doesn't work here," but the people calling the shots in Bentonville refused to listen as the China Division kept hemorrhaging money. Eventually, they pulled their heads out of their collective ass long enough to realize that maybe the Chinese people have different wants, needs, and desires. For instance, the Chinese don't buy eggs by the dozen; they buy four or seven or fifteen, depending on their needs. Try to force them to purchase eggs in strict units of a dozen, they'll go elsewhere to buy their eggs.

Tangentially, the situation sounds a lot like the Bush Administration foreign policy.
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