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Movement Points
Ever noticed how combat in Ə has been abstracted except for distances in ranged combat? So,

Movement Points: An abstract measure of distance used primarily for events measured in Combat Turns. The number rolled on the Adventure die is the number of Points traveled that Turn. Through use of Movement Points, ranged weapons new range values are as follows:

Atlatl              30/60/120*
Axe, Hand           3/6/10
Blowgun, Hunting    5/10/15
Blowgun, Stealth    3/6/9
Bow, Great          30/60/100
Bow, Long           20/45/75
Bow, Short          15/30/45
Club                3/5/8
Crossbow, Heavy     24/48/95
Crossbow, Light     18/35/70
Dagger              4/7/11
Dart, Military      4/7/15
Hammer              3/6/12
Hatchet             3/6/9
Javelin             10/20/30
Net                 3/4/5
Rock, Hurled**      1/2/3
Sling, Bullet       12/25/50
Sling, Stone        10/22/45
Spear               9/18/27
*Cannot be used against anyone within 2 Movement Points
**For Half-ogres, Warrior Rank 1-7, the ranges are 9/18/27. Add 3/6/9 for each Rank over 7th.

With this system, substitute "movement point" for 10' in the Attacks on Charging/Fleeing Opponents section in Ə-OH. No ranged attacks can be made against opponents inside 1 Movement Point distance.

Movement Points should be used in limited situations such as charging, fleeing, races, etc., not for a character changing opponents in mêlée (unless the new opponent is using a ranged weapon against him).

Example of non-ranged combat use of Movement Points: Joey needs to cross a cavern 20 Movement Points wide populated by Stalac-Mites. For each turn that he takes to cross the distance a Mite tries to pierce his skull. On the first Turn, Joey's player rolls the Adventure die (d12) for an 8. The second roll results in a 3, and the third roll is 11 for a total movement of 22 in three Turns. Fortunately for Joey, the GM's dice were cold each Turn.

Of course, this doesn't do anything for drop attacks or falling damage, but that's something for another post.
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