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Spell Base: 2
Min. Rank: d8
Resist: Adventure

Through use of a medium --pool of water, mirror, flame, etc.-- the spellcaster can view a subject for an Adventure Turn for each PoS of the casting. The viewing displays the front of the target from 10' away. If the target turns, the view stays in place and if he moves, the view shifts to keep the same relative position. For example, a jealous sorcerer wants to keep tabs on his wife as she walks to visit her elderly mother, if the view was 10' south of her and she turns to walk north, the view will show her back.

The subject gets a Resist attempt, but is unaware of any spell attempt. The Resist roll is automatic and cannot be avoided, even if the subject wants to be seen.

Non-cumulative Bonuses/Penalties to the Resist (Use the one that best fits):
Caster uses a piece of the subject (hair, nail clipping, blood) -4
Caster uses subject's possession (clothing, weapon, ring) -2
Caster personally knows subject -1
Caster only marginally knows subject --
Caster has detailed physical description of subject related to him +2
Caster has only a name or general description +4

A particular piece or possession of the subject can be used for only one casting.

+2 to include sound to the viewing
+2 to give the caster the ability to change the viewing's perspective. The view will always center on the subject
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Addendum: The medium the caster uses the first time casting this spell is the medium he must use every time. It doesn't have to be the same specific item, but the same type. So a flame-watcher cannot use a scrying bowl but can use any flame. Of sufficient size. A character can't walk around with a box of strike-anywhere matches thinking he has a box of viewings in his pocket.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade

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