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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/07/03
(For the record, the party is Playing Level 4 of the TSR WG7 module, transplanted from the Greyhawk campaign to the ruins of Vestfold in my BlackMoor campaign.)

This week we had an extra large sausage pizza, double-cut.


I don't remember much what the players did, except muck around in Forest of Eternal Autumn for a long while.

If you recall they had landed while vanishing from the room with pumpkins, that had the tapestry (which they did not look behind) and finding the Sapphire Key under the doormat that said "Welcome". (I was later informed it was Dorian who made the Wisdom check and found the key.)

The party had been deposited over a several thousand foot area. They had visibility for 3,000 feet in all directions. (Apparently it was a very sparse forest.) The party was able to rejoin itself into 2 clumps of members except for B.A. Baracus, who was off by his lonesome. Clump number one was comprised of Numrendir, Ulfberht, Kmaregh, Lauren, Magnum, & Junkbot. Clump number two was made up of Huang, Honda, Doriel, Claven, Ensign Pulver, Tubbs, Simon_1, Rockford, & Face.

During their wanderings, Clump number one discovered a shimmering opalescent Pearly Gate between two lustrous posts. As an experiment Numrendir tossed a silver piece into it. Immediately there came forth several monsters that were not so easily dispatched. But dispatched they were.

Clump number two was nearer the ruins of the Grand Staircase. Ignoring that they wandered about until they encountered Clump number two. I think they encountered Verticulous Vibratiuncle the philosopher who asked the party such questions as "Why is up?" and "Sideways, fact or fiction?" In any case they were able to convince him to give up the obvious Emerald Key hanging from his wrist for a modest exchange of food.

Eventually both clumps met up and coincidentally, B.A. Baracus showed up so the party was reunited.

Within view, they next encountered Ascendus' Scandent Coin-Op Acclivity run by Ascendus the Grippli. (Sort of a three foot high frog with clothes.) Ascendus was able to give them all sorts advice regarding his operation. Which is simply a coin operated stairway with which a step appeared with every silver piece inserted into the slot. For a mere 561 silver pieces (Ascendus was able to make change), the party was able to make it the the glowing "EXIT" door floating in the sky.

(I vaguely recall they were accosted by a set of flying purple lobsters, but they continued on to the door.)



Kmaregh Dismal, Evoker
Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Huang - Monk Master
Honda - Samurai Bushi
Elefus, Human Male Deacon - (Coming out of retirement.)
Doriel, an Elf Bravo.
Lauren, a Half-Elf Veteran
Ulfberht Axewieder, a Dwarf Veteran
Claven, a Touched of Tyr
D'Vine Justice, Elf Initiate of the 5th Circle (Semi-retired)


Hireling Ensign Johnson (upstairs as invalid, performing gate guard duty in the former International Exports building
Hireling Ensign Pulver
Henchman Tubbs
Henchman Face
Henchman B.A. Baracus
Henchman Magnum
Henchman Rockford
Henchman Simon #1 (#2 died)

Tracy Johnson



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