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Chris Clark
Hey Chris,

What are the best parts of GaryCon for you (besides hitting on my girlfriend)? Did you stop doing the one-off 1e modules?

What is the objective of Lance?

What wisdom would you offer for a GM running his first game at GC?

What is your favourite part about fixing cars?

How do you balance Eldritch Ent and ICGD?

Why One Book Shelf?
"Save inches for the bathroom; we're using feet here." ~ Rob Kuntz (2014)

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You forgot to ask my political views Big Grin

The Best parts of Gary Con are catching up with old friends like Luke and Dale. I also (thoroughly) enjoy running events.

Lance is meant to be a hard sci-fi capable of being run by a GM with no scientific background. The main "world" premise is this: If it exists now (technological advancement-wise) it has been perfected for commercial use in the future. Black hole generation is current technology, as are plasma generation, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. Matter transformation and instant transit are not... so you can have a plasma rifle in Lance, but not a transporter. As a GM, if you are unsure how to 'adjudicate' a player that is wiser in the ways of science than you are, you can simply review the science by using Google (or similar search engines)... If the tech exists, you can Google it... and you are then prepared for any course of action a player might choose.

First GM'd game at Gary Con? Keep it simple. DO NOT introduce radical new concepts to your players (Example: "Your all going to play clones of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a 1st ed. undead dungeon!). DO put a story behind your adventure that unfolds during play (is not all preview). ...and above all, have fun. If you do so, your players will enjoy themselves as well.

Fixing cars? I like to make something that works from junk. Taking something that's not worth fixing and turning it into reliable transport for someone that otherwise could not afford a car to get to work is the absolute greatest. I am likewise just arrogant enough to enjoy building a 14-second street car that gets 25 mpg... because most manufacturers say it can't be done. Its actually ridiculously simple to accomplish that.

How do I balance my work load? Poorly I fear. I am still putting far greater effort into Eldritch than I am into Inner City... I can't help it... those guys are counting on me. I also devote some significant portions of my time to Nexus Game Fair these days. You have to keep moving, because this life thing just never slows down. The trick is just to try and keep pace with it.

Initially One Book Shelf because a very good friend of mine, Sean Fannon, recommended it. I have stayed with them because they are good at what they do... and their system works. If its not broken, don't fix it. I prefer to think of One Book Shelf as Drive Thru RPG, btw.... Big Grin

I'd like to know more people at GC. I'm not the most outgoing person. I've met a few but you, Jim, and Allan are probably the ones I know best. I spent a lot of time chatting with Rob this time, but it's hard to know if I left an impression. I talked with Jon quite a bit but I think he was sleepwalking at the time.

Lance has some potential there. I enjoyed trying it out. Where are you at as far as releasing it?
"Save inches for the bathroom; we're using feet here." ~ Rob Kuntz (2014)

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I keep plugging away, but there are a lot of claims on my time these days, and its not my #1 priority. Still hoping for this year, but I have four projects that absolutely have to be done this year, whereas that one does not.
Finishing: The Hidden Prince (Eldritch Ent)
Layout and some edit for: Monty Haul's Heavenly Haul (Eldritch Ent)
Layout and some edit for: Dark Colony (Eldritch Ent)
Finishing: Why Are We Here? These Things Are Already Dead! (ICGD)
Then Lance... and then "Tentacles? Really... ?" (both ICGD) Busy summer schedule....

Still trying to get you a copy of Stripey Hole... Why did you have to live in a foreign country? Big Grin

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