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[ACT] What are you reading?
Been more than a day since I finished The Wheel of Time and I still can't stand Olver.

More complaints:
After twelve books of leading us to view the a'dam as evil, we're supposed to believe that Moghedian gets her comeuppance by being collared? Don't buy it, no matter how evil she, herself, is.
"It's just another weave," Perrin tells Egwene, leading her to create a weave that, as I understood the description, negates balefire like flattening a wave through interference. But nothing in the entire series indicates that such a thing is known or has ever been done. Yes, weaves would be "sliced" and the effects of weaves would be countered, such as throwing water on a fireball, but negating a weave? No.
Killing Bela was such an obvious and pathetic ploy. Completely pointless and unnecessary. And it fucking worked, damn it, just not as intended; I'm emotional but instead of being sad about Bela, I'm pissed at the author.

All said, 8/10. One of the best fantasy series out there.

Aside: Is the electronic version of the series the same as the print version? Reading it this time there were things that I do not remember reading before and other things that I thought had happened that I didn't read this time.

Also: Still waiting for the Androl/Pevara fanfic and/or sequel.
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