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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/05/22
We had a plain cheese pizza but extra large.

We skipped a week of reporting due to three new characters coming in last session and two this session, the first three spent all night the previous week, rolling them up. The other two played as they rolled up.

When we left off the party had fended off a small party of Goblins. They were about to go chase down the survivors when they realized they could use little Culum McCreedy and his two pet Minitaurs, and headed back out the level to fetch him. However by the turnstile and ticket booth they encountered a party of five, two of which were dressed in tuxedos and three had aprons. They hailed the new party and asked what was about, to which got the answer that they have been contracted for cleaning and service duty on the next level for a party to be given to as many Demons and Devils they could sponsor.

The new party members (as adorned) at 1st level are:

Tuxedo - Doriel an Elf Rogue
Tuxedo - Claven a Human Cleric
Apron - Lauren a Half-Elf Fighter
Apron - Ulfberht a Dwarf Fighter
Apron - Zibs a Gnome Titan Berserker.

Determining that they still need to catch up with Colum, Junkbot rolled his Ranger tracking skill and followed the tracks of Column and his two pet Minitaurs. After a bit of convincing (an offer of steady employment at the Zoo, Colum McCreedy was convince to return with the party.

Next item on the agenda was follow and investigate the Goblins. Leaving Colum McCreedy back at the Zoo with Zando. Sending Kmaregh to supervise with the newbies of the Party also sent a portion of their Henchmen to investigate, the "A-Team" as it were. Comprising of:

B.A. Baracus &
Howling Mad Dog Murdock

(These henchmen have not been given attributes yet so they will be treated as zero level for the nonce. Ensign Pulver was given the day off.)

The Goblins had retreated into Zando's private office behind a secret door, not heretofore mentioned but the characters were briefed on it after they struck the Zoo business deal with him. The trap door was easily discovered under the rug (but Zando would have told them about it also had they asked). He said his downstairs neighbors get a bit feisty sometimes but they usually don't come out on a killing spree unless they're on the job.

The A-Team and crew opened the trapdoor and found a ladder going down a perfectly round hole. At the bottom they found another iron door with no handles.

So they knocked.

A 7 foot tall stitched flesh Golem with a flat head and bolts on its neck wearing elegant footman's livery greets them and offers them mouse-head hors d'oeuvres and asked "What's the password?"

It didn't matter what they said, the Golem had forgotten it (as well as this GM), and it would have accepted anything.

After insisting they all take a sample of the fare, the well dressed valet opened the door behind him, well pleased that they emptied his tray.

Beyond the door, they are met with the hustle and bustle of Orcs, Goblins, Bugbears & Ogres pushing carts and carrying disgusting comestibles that could only be appreciated by a Klingon with a taste for KimChee Gakh. Opposite them is another door on the other side of the busy hallway. Taking the obvious route, they crossed the hall and entered a sumptuous ballroom where it looked like a war zone. Tables, chairs, and other furniture were either smashed, broken or tossed. There was only one upright chair and it had a dead Goblin with a knife in its back. Another three dead bodies of some race were in another corner.

Shortly thereafter an Orc enters and greets and says "Ah, you're the help, we've been expecting you!" First task, those of you with aprons, start cleaning up the room, those of you with tuxedos await further assignment. I see some of you did not get the instructions. Do you need an apron or a tuxedo?" I'll need all of you to tell me your names and he commenced writing down on his clipboard.

After the undressed members stated their intent. Kmaregh refused either, stating he was hired as the supervisor. "Understood, said the Orc, but you still need a badge. Please wait." and he smartly went off. Meanwhile, discounting the horseplay antics of the Zibs the Berserker, they party managed to get the Ballroom cleaned up. Taking initiative they sent the "A-Team" to dump the refuse and the dead bodies. (They even asked for directions). They made it to the refuse pit where they got a glimpse of a giant tentacle as they dumped the bodies in and returned without incident.

Upon their return, the Orc also returned with the extra clothes and Kmaregh's badge. He also returned with a map of the dungeon level attached to his clipboard and started explaining that they needed cleaning up "Here, here, and oh, especially there." Due to the time expended cleaning up the ballroom, Kmaregh estimated the time it will take to clean up the rest of the level and "asked" for more personnel, and by the way, I think I know were I can get some rather quickly."

"I'll have to make a sacrifice at the Altar of Headcount, but I'll see what I can do." said the Orc, and headed off again.

Meanwhile Lauren, Kmaregh, Diorel, Kmaregh, Claven and Ulfbert started exploring the other direction of the hallway. Coming to a door, Kmaregh decided to knock. Immediately there came out a grumpy old Troll, attacked Kmaregh to negative hit points in one round, tore up Kmaregh's badge and left, slamming the door. Mumbing something about "those stupid Orcs and their darn party." Claven the new Cleric just happened to cast a Cure Light Wounds to get him back into the state of the living before expiration.

The party then retreated back to the ballroom whereupon the Orc with the clipboard was waiting. "I think Kmaregh needs a new badge.", said Lauren. "No problem," said the Orc, "just dress those wounds and get back on the job ASAP." In the meantime, I got approval for the additional headcount, be sure to get them here quickly, our Party starts at Midnight! Meanwhile I'll give 'final' instructions for those of you in Tuxedo."

(I held back the instructions for those in Tuxedo until next week.)

Kmaregh then made it back up the ladder to the rest of the party where he was fully healed by Junkbot. Kmaregh described the situation and declared they all have a job for the rest of the day.

"So who what to you want to wear? A tuxedo or an apron?"


(Double spaced in eMail version due to webmail eating up carriage returns.)


Kmaregh Dismal, 2nd level Evoker

Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept (RGR5/CL5)

Huang - Monk Master (Monk8)Honda - Samurai Bushi (S7)

Lucius - Rutterkin (A2) (a.k.a Lucy)

Balentine - Plant Killer (MU2)

Elefus, Human Male Deacon (CL12) - (Coming out of retirement.)


(As stated above.)


11 Henchmen

3 Hirelings


Snizzlephish, Gnome Male, Visionist (Illu6) & Footpad (T2) (Multi-class.)

Fundisha - Swordsman/Creep (F3/Infiltrator3) (Character on maternity leave)

Fist_Beard 4th level Berserker (Player absent)Tak - 3rd Level Infiltrator (Player absent)


Numrendir, Human Male Coercer. (Conj6).

Slim - (new) 1st Level MU/Thief

Mysery Reigns, Halfling Female (Rogue6).

D'Vine_Justice, Elf Female Initiate of the 5th Circle (D7). (Semi-Retired)

Weasel, Human Male, Guild Soldier (T14), Enchanter (MU7), & Myrmidon (F6).

Tracy Johnson



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