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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/08/21
Basically we did character maintenance and summarized the value of Tom the Cat construct earned in TSR Module W7 level 4. Otherwise we played board games for several weeks.

We also decided to move game night to Tuesdays. Location at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601 on or near 5PM.

The party's decided to undergo a secret mission to finally overthrow the Afridhi Barbarians holding sway over the Duchy of Ten. The plan is the ring the "Freedom Bells" of the mythical land called "'MURICA" by going through a land that has never been defeated, called "VYAT NAAAAM". (Although actually rumor has it the Temple of the FROGs once held sway over that country for a few centuries until finally ousted by the high level Monk HO-HO-HO CHI MINH at DIEN BIEN PHOOEY.)
Tracy Johnson



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