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1tb Flash Drive - Oedipussy Rex - 01-04-2023

So I get a 1tb flash drive for x-mas and my first thought is, "How many rugby matches will fit on this thing?" Then came the realization that the drive is formatted with exFAT and none of the tvs in the house can read the exFAT format. I think maybe the television in the living room can read ntfs, but I don't really want to do the reformat, and there is no way I'm going to format this puppy with FAT32 just so I can watch the All Blacks in my bedroom. I'll sooner put ext4 on it and use it as an external drive.

RE: 1tb Flash Drive - Kersus - 01-15-2023

I forget now but isn't FAT32 limited in size? Wouldn't it be better to leave it as is and funnel it through Plex Media Server? I could share my Plex library with you as long as your usage wasn't too heavy.

RE: 1tb Flash Drive - Oedipussy Rex - 01-20-2023

FAT32 has a 2tb partition limit.

Appreciate the offer, but I'm good with continuing to load games onto my 32gb drive if I want to watch them on a TV rather than my laptop.

RE: 1tb Flash Drive - Oedipussy Rex - 10-04-2023

Had a bunch of mp4s (500+) that I decided to load onto the 1tb drive. mv -n *mp4 /media/OedipussyRex/Big\ Boy/vids/ . Big mistake. Almost every file moved was rendered unplayable. On the bright side, I didn't actually do mv, but cp intending mv. Sometimes my fingers know better than my brain.

RE: 1tb Flash Drive - Oedipussy Rex - 05-14-2024

And so much for the 1tb flash drive. Has some defect that renders it unusable no matter the file system. exFAT, FAT32, ext4, I even tried Btrfs because why not. Certainly explains why the drive was so cheap.