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RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-07-2015

KUNG FURY - It has to be seen to be believed. 5/5

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-13-2015


It was fun. I could have done without 3D however it was well designed for the medium and not over taxing on the eyes. It was a fun nostalgic feeling to see this and it made me wonder if it was the start of a new Peanuts popularity or just the culmination of the fandom.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Lunamancer - 11-14-2015

Film Noir, animated film. Seems like they tried to pack in all the tropes. Which are awesome. I only relatively recently noticed a pattern in movies and shows I like that links back to noir. I feel maybe if I studied the genre more, I might actually be able to come up with something original.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 12-02-2015

Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut (1980/2006) ****

Even better than I remember it. The movie put my girlfriend to tears. Donner's original concept would have made two epic timeless movies had they truly seen fruition. It's nicelt followed up but Superman Returns which would have finished a tremendous trilogy had Donner been left alone to work from the start.

Moon (2009) **

A plodding movie that would have done better as an episode of The Outer Limits than as a feature length movie. You could easily cut a full hour out of this movie and not miss a beat. Full of grim facial expressions and decent acting, the neat concept is just not realized in the plain script.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 02-26-2016

John Wick, Transformers (animated 1984 I think), Barbarella.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 03-30-2016

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Replacements, Labyrinth, Vexille - all of them AGAIN. I've seen each multiple times.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 03-30-2016

I'm too old for Labyrinth. Although I love Bowie and mourn his death, I do not care for the music here, preferring both his earlier and later stuff, and Jennifer Connelly was too young at the time of filming for me to perv on her, which is why I have a fondness for The Hot Spot.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 03-31-2016

I haven't seen The Hot Spot and have heard some good things about her in Mulholland Falls. I quite liked her in Career Opportunities.

Rewatched Dude Where's My Car while doing work. Less funny than I remember but a lot revolves around pot humour.

RE: [ACT] What shows have you been watching? - Kersus - 04-26-2016

Rewatched Commando (1985) and quite enjoyed it. I don't think they could do it justice in a remake. Arnold was young and few could be what he was. The only real improvement they could do now is better combat choreography. Certainly the perfect father daughter relationship is corny but that was part of the appeal to 80s action flicks. Actual good. It does have a brief nude scene which is strange because when the covers pop up, the guy is on all fours with the busty lady behind him squealing. It also has a little cameo of then unknown Bill Paxton. 4.5/5

Also tagged in Hush (2015) about an isolated deaf girl terrorized by a killer. It reminded me of The Strangers but had it's own charm. 4/5

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 04-29-2016

Quite enjoyed watching Commando again. Arnold was better than I remembered. 5/5 if you accept 80s corny fun.

Hush was a decent thriller similar to The Strangers. I was entertained. Isolated deaf girl stalked by killer. Sounded boring but better than I anticipated.

Batman v Superman - Wonder Woman was the best part. It's long and takes forever to get into the final battle which was decent but probably not worth all the waiting. I recommend just skipping through to the battle when WW appears.