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RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 09-23-2018

(07-16-2018, 06:39 AM)Kersus Wrote: Big Bad Mama (1974)
Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, Tom Skerritt

This was an unexpected joy. Big Bad Mama has been on my 'to see' list for some time in my attempt to see everything Shatner is in. When I noticed it on Amazon Prime I had my chance and expected little but this is a fun romp around with action, nudity, sex, sex, and violence. The happy go-lucky music along the way makes it almost comedic however while mostly light, it has some dark undertones. I enjoyed it and will watch it again.

Was it a result of the time or was it something that was very racy? It seems racy to me even now.


You neglected to mention two very important tidbits: Produced by Roger Corman, and Royal Dano, baby!

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 09-23-2018

And yes, it was racy even in its time.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 09-25-2018

(09-23-2018, 06:38 AM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: You neglected to mention two very important tidbits: Produced by Roger Corman, and Royal Dano, baby!

I do fancy much of Roger Corman's work (Black Scorpion) but have no idea who Royal Dano is. I also didn't realize until now that there was a sequel to Big Bad Mama.

In case it is unknown to any of the one people who read this, Black Scorpion had a comeback in comic books (Bluewater) and it was fantastic.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 10-04-2018

Watched, in this incorrect order:

The Endless (2017)
Resolution (2012)
Spring (2014)

While I don't usually like Indie flicks, I did enjoy this universe they created. Each movie is stand-alone and in fact I liked the order I watched them in. I doubt I would have enjoyed Resolution without having see The Endless and would never have tried Spring without the other two even though it seems completely different. If I had to pick one, I'd say give The Endless a try. It may not knock your socks off, but I'd love to chat about it with someone. My girlfriend is too scared to watch stuff like that.

The Endless - two brothers who escaped a UFO death cult decide to go back for a visit, with a twist.
Resolution - guy decides to help a friend get clean (drugs) with a more subtle twist.
Spring - odd movie with very little to show except some lovecraftian crumbs it but I was happy.

Of the three I'd watch The Endless again and maybe skip to certain scenes in Resolution for clarification. They all plod along and are really more like psychological dramas. None are thrilling nor scary IMO. They are intriguing.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-10-2018

Five (1951)

The blurb that made me want to watch it: "After a nuclear holocaust four men and a woman bicker in a Frank Lloyd Wright house." The specific detail about the house was too much for me to resist. Fun fact #7842: Five was the first movie to deal with the aftermath of nuclear war.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-10-2018

(09-25-2018, 03:02 AM)Kersus Wrote: have no idea who Royal Dano is

How can you possibly have no idea who Royal Dano is? The man has almost 200 acting credits to his name. Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Bonanza, Lost in Space, The Virginian, Big Valley, Death Valley Days, Hawaii Five-O, Quincy M.E.... Hell, he was in Killer Klowns from Outer Space and two episodes of Twin Peaks, fer crissakes. "No idea who Royal Dano is"? That's the problem with kids these days. Worse than no respect for greatness, no clue of what greatness is.

Which reminds me, R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton.

I need to watch Repo Man again.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 06-12-2019

Just finished watching the Han Solo movie. It was, sadly, the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi. Which is not to imply that it's a bad movie. Once it got past trying to be funny it is actually a decent caper flick. No, the sad part is that in the last 30+ years there has been nothing but garbage in the Star Wars movie franchise, including the 1997 "remastered" releases.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 07-24-2019

The Last Jedi


RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 07-30-2019

What Happened to Monday?

In a future where the world has instituted a One Child Policy, a family of septuplets must hide their existence while trying to find out what happened to one of their siblings.

Overall, I enjoyed it but either Noomi Rapace wasn't up to the task of playing seven roles or the director wasn't up to the task. I'm leaning toward the director.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 02-11-2020

I think I watched that.... Or maybe just the trailer. I forget now.

Watched 1992's Kuffs again. Despite the IMDB ratings, I adore that movie.