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RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 12-18-2016

Well crap. I was just about finished with a long post full of insight and genius when my browser shut down for some reason.

'80s movie marathon.
Dune: What the hell?
They Live: Piper, not a bad actor for a wrestler, and I want to marry Meg Foster's eyes.
Repo Man: "The life of a repo man is always intense," "Society made me what I am," and "Look at those assholes, ordinary fucking people. I hate 'em." So yeah. Great movie. Also: Michael Nesmith.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 12-31-2016

(11-18-2016, 03:29 AM)Kersus Wrote: Showed @archergirl Goldeneye because of it's fame.

Uh, I meant Goldfinger, not Goldeneye. Sigh.

I watched Lost in Translation again. I've gone from disliking it to grudgingly appreciating it to quite enjoying it. I'll probably watch it again sometime. Maybe as I've gotten older, more pieces of it resonate with me.

I also gave up on Plex Media Server to finish The Lifeguard again and direct connected with VLC. It's another movie where I'm not quite sure what attracts me. It is not my normal style of movie but I keep coming back to it. Perhaps it's the look at urban life as utter failure or just doing what you need to do instead of finding excuses (eg. Just move out of your comfort zone or to another country) or maybe just Kristen Bell.

Oh, finally watched It's a Wonderful Life. The middle part was fun, but the end took too long for me. The black & white was way better than the coloured version. Anyhow, it was a first for that Christmas movie. I like Jimmy Stewart, but I don't plan on watching it again unless I have to.

In the middle of From Russia With Love. I got the Bond collection for Christmas. It's just missing Spectre and Never Say Never Again.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 12-31-2016

(12-18-2016, 09:50 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: Dune: What the hell?

Have you seen the "other" Dune that was a TV movie mini-series? I've heard good things but been unable to acquire it for a decent price and when I do see it for a decent price, I don't have the extra cash for it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0142032/

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 12-31-2016

https colon slash slash the brigand body of water dot org slash search slash dune percent twenty 2000 slash 0 slash 99 slash 200

Not that I'm trying to suggest anything. Because I'm not. What is implicated here is wrong. So don't do it. Even if you have a vpn, it's still wrong. Especially if you have limited bandwidth.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 01-05-2017

I'd disappoint you with how long it took me to figure that out. Not that there's any message to figure out as it and it's 26 gig don't exist. So, over to my splitting sata message.....

Central Intelligence was o.k. That is all.

Rising Sun was still fun but dated. It was a 'novel' idea.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I saw Star Trek Beyond and Warcraft. I didn't hate either but remember very little of them. Waiting for a decent... er... view of Doctor Strange before watching it.

Finished From Russia With Love and well, loved it. Far sexier than Dr. No and I felt like I was on a train for an hour, but I really like those first two Bond films. Tried another Bond film but apparently my Blu-ray player won't play it for some reason - not compatible. Physical media can be such a pain in the arse. Even what I buy or get as a gift - it's often still just easier to download it and watch and let the media sit.

The ABFAB movie disappointed me.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 01-11-2017

Loved You Only Live Twice and am in the middle of Diamonds Are Forever which is just okay.

Also in the middle of Major League.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 01-15-2017

Major League is still classic and in no way felt dated. The moral of the story is that winners get the girl who forgives them of all flaws, so go be a winner.

The Spy Who Loved Me is almost painfully bad.

Into My Blind Brother. It's so exciting and funny I'm typing this while watching.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 01-23-2017

Into Thunderball while also making my way through The Spy Who Loved Me.

Turok: Son of Stone

It wasn't all bad. Certainly more teenager+ age group and not really for Western kids. Kids everywhere else in the world are probably mature enough to handle it and enjoy it. The voice acting feels forced but considering the topic, it doesn't hurt the flick much. The animation is quite good and while I prefer Tor to Turok, this has potential.

3 Catkins

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 02-15-2017

My Cousin Vinny - timeless 5/5 Yutes

Jack Reacher 2 - not as deep as the first one but pretty awesome 5/5 elbows to the head

Jem and the Holograms - Meh. The comic is better. Synergy made no sense and wasn't well used. Felt a little like the Footloose remake. 3/5 angsty teens

Soldier - Fun movie in the Bladerunner universe.

In the Mouth of Madness - true classic lovecraftian fun.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - pretty awful movie despite Marisa Tomei being hot.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 02-16-2017

(02-15-2017, 05:43 AM)Kersus Wrote: Soldier - Fun movie in the Bladerunner universe.

The Kurt Russell flick? Fun fact: the movie lost money big time, a reported $60 million budget for <$15 million box office. As a result, the big studios stopped using older (30+) actors for action movies for a while. Another fun fact: he became a child actor because it paid better than a paper route.