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RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 10-21-2016

Deadpool was fun. I'd like to watch it again.

I would have to agree re: Liefeld, but then, i was never a fan. He drew big boobs and big muscles. If you go back and read his old Deadpool comics, they were tired and boring. There was some conflict when he went to Image as well. Cable was more or less a mutant Punisher. Enough people like that style which is why Wolverine went from cool quick jumping around Wolverine to some strange bad-ass who won fights because he was popular with the fans kind of like Batman.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 10-24-2016

The Lobster

An absurdist dystopian comedy drama..... No. Just mildly interesting dystopia followed by more and more stupidity that in the end is utterly... stupid stupid stupid. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen. Close. Maybe top 10 worst?

So it won a bunch of awards and has a 7.1 at IMDB and 90% at Rotten Tomatoes.

1/2 Star

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-07-2016

Tales From Earthsea  -  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0495596/

Absolutely boring. Everything takes painfully long to accomplish while it dangles "interesting things" in front of you and then pulls them away. You could turn it into a 30 minute cartoon without missing a beat and it would still be a bit slow. The animation feels a lot like Princess Mononoke with slight variations. On a good note, it put me to sleep multiple times. Sleep is good.... Except when driving. Uncomfortable results when driving. So don't watch tales From Earthsea while driving.

2 Catkins

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-07-2016

Dr. No (1962)  -  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055928/

The first "real" James Bond movie and one I'm fond of despite a lot of poo pooing from others. I shared this with Archergirl and she wanted to see another Bond film, so it's a success. Sure, it's a little slow, but it contains the seminal "Bond, James Bond" scene.

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RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-14-2016

Thinking of doing a Jason Statham prespective. It's like a retrospective but of movies that Jason Statham later did a remake of. First up:

The Mechanic (1972)
Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent

An assassin for the mob takes on a protégé. Four minutes on the egg timer out of four.

I've already mentioned Heat with Burt Reynolds and Peter MacNicol earlier in the thread, remade as Wild Card, so I'm thinking maybe Point Blank next, although I can tell you right now that it gets four Police Women, two Dresses to Kill, and one Big, Bad Mama.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-18-2016

Oooooo! Restrospectives are a good idea.... Get Carter!  Now I'm interested in the Mechanic. I haven't seen either of them.

Burt Reynolds Heat was fun - as I think we discussed. I may have originally thought it related to Pacino/Kilmer/Judd/etc Heat, but no. I did not know about Wild Card. I have not been able to bring myself to watch the Point Break remake. I'm still reeling from that awful Footloose remake.

Showed @archergirl Goldeneye because of it's fame. She liked it better than Dr. No. I really didn't. It's absolutely not one of my favs but I like most Bond. Quantum of Solace and Die Another Day are the closest to failures IMO. Next for her will be On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Me? I watched Tomorrow Never Dies and jeepers... It was far worse than I remembered. I liked the Chinese angle but it was overly ridiculous at times.... Kind of like Moore.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-18-2016

Has anyone else watched Under the Skin?

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-18-2016

(11-14-2016, 04:29 PM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: I've already mentioned Heat with Burt Reynolds and Peter MacNicol earlier in the thread, remade as Wild Card

Just watched WILD CARD. It was okay. 3/5 I can see the direct correlation to the Reynolds one, but Stathom lacked some of his smarmy style and made up for it with fighting choreography.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 11-29-2016

Facing the Giants (3 Catkins)

It was an okay movie. Decent Christian flick but very mediocre football movie. It wasn't anywhere near as good as Fireproof or Courageous that were made by the same group.

RE: [ACT] Your last movie? - Kersus - 12-15-2016

As today is the festival of Gishi-sai (47 Ronin), I finally finished Last Knights (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2493486/).

The casting was..... okay. I don't think Clive Owen is to blame for the blandness of character as they were all quite bland despite the attempts at diversity. Different races and accents were muddied by each character basically being the same.

Non-existent soundtrack. Poor directing and writing that lacked any understanding of the source material.

The plot was hard to follow even if you already knew the story. Dreary, slow, boring and a little soul-sucking. A lot of effort was placed on the final sacrifice. The film also tried to explain every little detail at the end without really aiding the story.

This flick missed the mark but the concept of taking 47 Ronin to Medieval Europe has some merit.