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RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 05-17-2021

Definitely. Just lost another pepper plant since I last posted. Looks like I'll be building a new raised garden bed sooner than I had planned.

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 05-23-2021

At this point the garden bed is a feeding trough for the voles. A 31" high metal bed has been ordered, the hardware fabric has been bought, a request for logs and wood chips has been made on getwoodchips,com, a friend has agreed use his pickup to haul a bulk load of garden mix, and I'm pricing concrete blocks for another raised bed or two ($1.30 a block with a discount for an order of 108+) (which is pretty good when you consider how much wood has gone up in price just this past year).

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Kersus - 05-26-2021

My problem is rabbits.

Eat all my flowers and vegetables. Squirrels also dig up the bulbs.

I had a nice parsley bush that I caught a bloody cottontail munching on. Big as a jackrabbit and ballsy. Even chomped a Citronella! Gonna be a bad year for plants and no where is selling basil....

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 05-28-2021

At least it's not a jackalope, but between the moose and Sasquatch, I doubt that's much consolation.

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 07-11-2021

Ok. Two 80x40x30 metal raised beds ordered and assembled; 70 cement blocks purchased and waiting to be laid out, which maybe I'll be able to do so in the next week, weather permitting (questionable) and so long more projects don't keep getting dumped on me (more questionable), like putting in new flooring, installing cabinets where the wet bar used to be, power washing the siding, etc. Looking forward to working in wet-bulb conditions.

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 09-25-2021

Finally got the soil. Three yards of bulk "garden mix" - red clay mixed with sand, compost, and leaf mulch. Not exactly top-notch, but less than one-third the cost of buying bagged soil. Three loads dumped into the bed of a friend's pick-up and hand-shoveled into the beds on top of the branches, twigs. leaves, and compost that I used to fill the bottom half of the cement block beds and two-thirds of the 30" metal raised beds. Now come the back spasms.

HOOPS! There it is.

1/2" emt conduit pipe fitted into 3/4" conduit that has been cemented into the blocks. The hoops can be used for hot-housing, shade cloth, or bird netting, as necessary. Against the fence you can see 50"x8' cattle panels that can be attached to unbent conduit pipes and used as a trellis. Just remove the hoops and slide the trellis pipes into place. At the very left you can see the corner of the material used for the old, non-meshed beds. Built them up to make a shorter bed three planks high and used the old soil to fill it. Still no mesh but I plan on using it for garlic, onions, and other alliums that critters apparently don't care for.

Cheaper than Birdies Beds, but are they?
Yes. Yes, they are. Birdies Beds come with a rubber safety gasket, which I had to purchase for these; and watching some youtubes videos I got the impression that the larger Birdies Beds come with braces to keep them from bowing out when filled, which again, I had to buy for these. But Birdies Beds also come with shipping costs which, once again, these did not. So in the end, the additional ~$50 for these beds still doesn't bring the cost up to the base cost of an equivalent Birdies Bed. On the other hand, the panels for tall Birdies Beds are full height, while these were two short panels that are bolted together to make a tall panel. I also suspect that the metal might be slightly thicker in a Birdies Bed, so it's possible that they would be the better long-term investment, but for the immediate-term....

Post supervised by Grrl.

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 09-27-2021

Holy muther-f-ing christ! It's like no one around here has ever heard of a fall crop or a fall planting. Had to order seeds online. Went to three chain stores, none of which had anything. Even went to Wal-mart garden center. Found plenty of Christmas supplies but not a single seed. It's still over a month 'til Hallowe'en and one can get all the plastic angel finials and colored lights one could possibly want, but a packet of turnips or radishes? You're shit outta luck. Never mind that many vegetables are better after a frost or two (beets and kale, for example), others grow through winter and snow (leaks, spinach), and still more need to be over-wintered (garlic).

I can just imagine the argument of, "Nobody buys seeds this late in the year." To which I would inform my imaginary seller, "Correct. No one will purchase seeds from you that you aren't selling."

An online search for local garden supplies/seeds just turned up the chains that I already visited and landscaping companies. I don't want trees or shrubs or hedges or a frickin' flower bed, and I don't care how well they enhance the beauty of the property. I'm preparing for the impending food shortages. Okay, I'm half-assing for the impending food shortages as I've been half-assing it for the past ten years, but still, unless it's a fruiting tree, I don't care.

Fun fact: Carrots were originally harvested for their leaves, not the roots.

More supervising.

RE: Pissing in the Rain - rredmond - 09-27-2021

(09-27-2021, 02:54 AM)Oedipussy Rex Wrote: Fun fact: Carrots were originally harvested for their leaves, not the roots.
Huh? The more you know...

RE: Pissing in the Rain - Oedipussy Rex - 09-28-2021

I got worms!

Much like seeds, I couldn't find any worms. I could find worm farm kits, but no live worms. Then I thought to myself, "Idiot! Go to a bait shop." So I found a local bait shop and bought 200 worms for the price that I could get 1000 online. Worth it.

Fun fact: Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms

RE: Pissing in the Rain - rredmond - 09-28-2021

You would have found them quicker if the supervisor was on the case!