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James M. Ward - Kersus - 07-21-2014

The original thread for Jim's Q&A is located at http://tripleoakleaf.myfreeforum.org/about140.html

The last question for Jim (by me) is below, and after he's feeling better, I may ping him to come answer.

"I'll say that I very much enjoyed meeting you Jim and had a great time in your MA adventure!

I'm currently reading through "Tainted Lands." Was there ever any thought of making this system neutral? Did you do the C&C stat blocks for it or delegate that out?

I think The Lollygag Inn is a great adventure, and I will certainly run it when the chance occurs. Perhaps if I can get a Halloween session going....

Do you mostly write commissioned work, or do you have a backlog of adventure ideas just waiting for someone to want you to flesh them out?"