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RICH REVIEWS: Love Me: A Romance Story # 1

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 20:13
Title: Love Me: A Romance Story # 1 Publisher: Mad Cave Studios Writer: Francesca Perillo Artist: Stefano Cardoselli Colorist: Lorenzo Scaramella Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin Price: $ 4.99 US Rating: 3…
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Recovery of The Silver State - HOSTILE Situation Report 007 - The Ark - Game Session Report

Swords & Stitchery - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 19:52
 "You've detected an Ark ... a ship of sleeping thousands on their way to establish a new human colony. But it is dead, silent and locked in an orbit around a lifeless moon. You are ordered to investigate ... are the sleepers still alive? ""OR, play as some of the crew, woken by the ship's mainframe, and shocked to find the sleeper ship in some remote orbit, with chaos in the corridors ... "Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Comic House, Captain Canuck and Little Blackstone Studios … Camp Canuck!

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 18:16
The dynamic duo of Comic House and Little Blackstone have dreamed up CAMP CANUCK- a love letter to Canada and the world, that imagines Captain Canuck and his fiendish foe…
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First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 17:17
LOS ANGELES 06/07/2024 — New York Times bestselling writer Marguerite Bennett (Animosity, Batwoman, DC Bombshells) and artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Suicide Squad, Power Rangers, Red Sonja)’s upcoming Witchblade #1 launch will…
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over A by Jim Calafiore, cover B “action figure variant” by Djordje Djokovic, and cover C by Andy Clarke (2000 AD). Letters by Carlos M. Mangual.

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 17:05
Reinventing the classics: Renowned comics creators Dan DiDio and Jim Calafiore join forces for Mad Cave Studios’ newest Flash Gordon series JUNE 7, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Iconic heroes pass…
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Torchwood: Art Decadence Cover Reveal

Blogtor Who - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 15:00
Torchwood faces the seductive power of a classic Doctor Who foe in July’s Art Decadence


Big Finish have revealed the cover for next month’s new Torchwood release, Art Decadence, and it tells an entire story of its own! The cover by regular range artist Sean Longmore depicts the familiar Torchwood logo in lead and stained glass, while the Mara snakes around it! The Mara, of course, was the villain in two classic 1980s Doctor Who stories. Both Kinda and Snakedance deal with the Mara’s attempts to break through into the waking world from its home in the ‘dark places of the inside.’

Working through corruption and possession, the Mara forever seeks to turn the wheel of history. Wherever there is peace, it seeks to bring war. Wherever there is civilization and enlightenment, it seeks to bring darkness and ignorance.

Art Decadence pitches the Mara against a new incarnation of Torchwood. It’s time to meet those who defend the Great Britain of the 1920s from alien menaces for King and Country. They’re represented in the shape of top agent Sir Reginald Dellafield (Wilf Scolding) and his trusty butler sidekick A. C. Forster (Simon Kane). But when Sir Reggie investigates the mysterious new Serpentine Club, he might well wind up not quite himself. Can the unflappable Forster save his master, Torchwood, and the entire human race from the Mara’s sinister embrace?


Torchwood: Art Decadence. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Torchwood: Art Decadence

London in the 1920s and Sir Reggie works for Torchwood, saving the world from alien invasions. Really, he relies on the services of his loyal butler while he paints the town red.

But there’s a new sensation in high society – What is the secret of The Serpentine Club and can Forster save his master from it?


Torchwood: Art Decadence is available for pre-order now as a collector’s edition single-disc CD (+ download for just £10.99) or as a digital download only (for just £8.99), exclusively here.

Big Finish listeners can save money by buying a six-release Torchwood bundle for just £60 (on CD + download) or £50 (on download) or a twelve-release bundle for just £110 (on CD + download) or £96 (on download).

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release.

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

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Moroccan Tile Rectangle Tutorial

Moogly - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 15:00

The Moroccan Tile Rectangle Tutorial will show you how to make this 7" x 9" section for Warm Up America - in both right and left-handed video tutorials! Follow along with the free written crochet pattern on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Yarnspirations. As Seen in This Video (click each...

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Artist Nicola Scott Gets the DC Spotlight with a New Series of “Through The Ages” Variant Covers!

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 14:38
All-Star Artist Nicola Scott Stuns with Twelve Artist Spotlight Covers This September Coming to your local book comic shop this September, DC will publish a set of Nicola Scott Artist…
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Tragedy Chapter Six now on Kickstarter!

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 14:08
The Kickstarter campaign for Tragedy Chapter Six by Phillip Russertt is now live! In a world of super powered people, mob assassins, monsters and Chinese mysticism, an Irish assassin must…
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Random NTRPG Con Day 1 Pics

Tenkar's Tavern - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 14:02


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First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 13:34
  Every quiet town has its secrets. MILWAUKIE, Ore., (June 6, 2024)— Dark Horse Books presents Aquinnah, an original graphic novel from writer Matteo Casali (Batman: Europa, Marvel’s What If) and artist Rachele…
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What Are The Signs Of Good-Quality Vape Liquid You Must Know?

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 13:16
Are you a vaping enthusiast who wants to find the best Vape eliquid for better vaping? This can be difficult given the many e-liquid brands that have entered the market.…
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The Worst Thing About GURPS is the Character Point

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 13:03

I am driven by two inscrutable desires. One, my hatred of all things GURPS and two, my desire to live the dreams that my fourteen-year-old self had for his second edition GURPS Basic Set. I thought maybe that making a game with the classic Denis Loubet Cardboard Heroes counters would do something for me. Maybe it did.

I’ll tell you what, though. The thought of ginning up 40 100-point GURPS Characters turned my hair white. And it’s not like points actually correspond to anything significant. I mean, this isn’t at all the same thing as a cost budget for a Car Wars or High Guard scenario. With GURPS, there is no scenario. And balance means nothing in the absence of such.

While pondering this sorry state of affairs, I recalled Jeff Rients saying one time that there are only two methods for rolling up D&D characters: 3d6 six times in order and “whatever you want”. Could GURPS become tolerable if I could just ignore this stupid point value stuff?

The answer was no. But here are the characters I worked up anyway:

  • 11-1 Nobleman — ST 13, IQ 14, DX 13, HT 12, Baron (Social Status 5), Wealthy, Light leather armor (PD 1, DR 1, 10 lbs.), Broadsword (swing+1 cutting, thrust+1 crushing, 3 lbs), Thrust 1, Swing 2-1, Weight 13, Encumbrance 0, Basic Speed 6.25, Move 6. Broadsword DX+2 15.
  • 11-2 Noble lady — ST 11, IQ 12, DX 12, HT 11, Baroness (Social Status 5), Wealthy, Thrust 1-1, Swing 1+1, Weight 0, Encumbrance 0, Basic Speed 5.75, Move 5.
  • 11-3 Woman warrior w/ mace — ST 12, IQ 11, DX 13, HT 11, Unlanded Knight (Social Status 3), Comfortable, Light plate (PD 4, DR 6, 90 lbs.), Medium Shield (PD2, 15 lbs.), Mace (swing+3 crushing, 5 lbs.), Thrust 1-1, Swing 1+2, Weight 105, Encumbrance 3, Basic Speed 6, Move 3. Axe/Mace DX+1 14, Shield DX+1 14.
  • 11-4 Woman warrior w/ ax — ST 11, IQ 10, DX 15, HT 15, Barbarian (Social Status -2), Axe (swing+2 cutting, 4 lbs), Dagger (thrust-1 impaling), Thrust 1-1, Swing 1+1, Weight 4, Encumbrance 0, Basic Speed 7.5, Move 7. Axe/Mace DX+3 18, Knife DX+1 16, Knife Throwing DX+3 18, Fast Draw (Axe/Mace) DX 15, Fast Draw (knife) DX 15, Acrobatics DX+1 16.
  • 11-5 Ranger — ST 14, IQ 13, DX 13, HT 12, Unlanded Knight (Social Status 3), Comfortable, Heavy leather armor (PD 2, DR 2, 20 lbs.), Bastard sword (swing+1 cutting, thrust+1 crushing, 5 lbs), Thrust 1, Swing 2, Weight 25, Encumbrance 0, Basic Speed 6.25, Move 6. Broadsword DX+2 15, Tracking IQ+2 15.
  • 11-6 Spearman — ST 16, IQ 12, DX 13, HT 13, Barbarian (Social Status -2), Struggling, Spear (thrust+2 impaling, 4 lbs.), Broadsword (swing+1 cutting, thrust+1 crushing, 3 lbs), Thrust 1+1, Swing 2+2, Weight 7, Encumbrance 0, Basic Speed 6.5, Move 6. Spear DX+2 15, Broadsword DX+1 14, Thrown Weapon DX+3 16.

Now, just going through this process puts you in touch with a very ancient tradition within roleplaying games. Ken St. Andre wrote within the 5th edition of Tunnels & Trolls that he used a peanut can filled with little cards detailing monsters. Whenever he needed a wandering monster, he would just draw from the can and go. Steve being Steve, he not only stole shamelessly from Ken when he set up his own roleplaying systems, but he also left you with the exact same to do list that referees were saddled with back in the seventies when they played any game that wasn’t D&D.


Now, my first impulse is to keep on chugging through an entire stack of Cardboard Heroes and then ultimately be able to put together random collections of highly detailed special snowflake characters at will. But that’s just an insane amount of work to put into a game that nobody wants to play. So, then I think I should just maybe sit down and convert everything in the Moldvay Basic D&D set over to GURPS. And that was the idea at the time back in the mid-eighties. GURPS was supposed to be so cool, and D&D was supposed to be so stupid, that Steve really expected people to do just that. I mean obviously, Keep on the Borderlands converted over to this crappy Basic Set would be light years ahead of anything TSR was doing at the time, right?

Okay, probably not. Still, GURPS abandoning the class and level system is a pain. Everything is unique. Everyone is special. Steve hates anything that makes a referee’s job easier. I mean every design decision he embraced was just plain wrong! But I have to solve this problem. I think the solution here is to borrow a page from the original Dungeon Masters Guide. A group of six or ten of these special snowflake characters would just be a pain in the butt to play. It’s way too much information. I don’t want characters. I want encounters. I want faction leaders and their entourages! And I want the power levels to be reasonably scalable.

And that is totally achievable. Just as a first pass effort, we would need a list of bare bones “muscle” type figures broken down by power levels. We would also need a list of magic items that can be randomly selected. Finally, we would need an ability to roll up random spellcasters. Pick a level, randomly determine the amount and quality of the thugs the Cardboard Hero has. Randomly determine the magic items he has available. And then randomly determine the number, type, and quality of his spellcasting minions… and you are good to go.

That would not be a whole lot of work to rig up. And it would be way better than some sort of random GURPS PC generator. I think this would actually work well in practice while also being a good fit for Steve Jackson’s design ethos. He was always more about “detailed humans are the foes” rather than being an endless Monster Manual kind of guy. One thing’s sure, though. My fourteen-year-old self would have never thought to do this because it involves following a method that is outlined in the back of the Dungeon Masters Guide.

I’m telling you, in 1986 no one could imagine doing something like that!

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First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:51
Officially Licensed NHL Product Available For Purchase At NHLShop.com, NHLShop.ca, WWEShop.com & Fanatics.com Following Stanley Cup Final STAMFORD, Conn., June 6, 2024 – WWE®, part of TKO Group Holdings (NYSE: TKO),…
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Silverline Comics Podcast: Silverline Team-Up launch party

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:46
The team from Silver Sunday have a party to launch the crowdfunding campaign for Silverline Team-Up #2! Originally aired May 05, 2024. Included in this episode are Roland Mann, Thomas…
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RICH REVIEWS: Popscars Vol. 1

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:45
Title: Popscars Vol. 1 (TPB) Publisher: Godhood Comics Created/Written/Produced by: Pat O’Malley Logo/Cover/Line Art: Santi Guillen Interior Color Art: NL Ashworth Edits/Design/Letters by: Phil Smith Back Cover by: Arinela Kociko…
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First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:21
MY BAD: ESCAPE FROM PECULIAR ISLAND #2 (W) Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman (A) Peter Krause Cover A: Peter Krause Cover B: Michael Allred Continuing “One of—if not the—funniest superhero parodies…
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Biblical Proportions #2

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:21
Biblical Proportions #2 continues the gripping narrative crafted by Joe Spicer, with the masterful storytelling of Evan David and the stunning artwork of Brian S. Dawson. The first issue left…
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Exploring the Iconic Legacy of Ultraman

First Comics News - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 07:09
Introduction: Unveiling the Legendary Giant In the vast landscape of Japanese pop culture, few icons stand as tall, both literally and figuratively, as Ultraman. With a legacy spanning over half…
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Damned In The Past! - Wretched Darkness Session Report With 'The Pundit Files Invisible College: the 1930's Campaign' Part II

Swords & Stitchery - Fri, 06/07/2024 - 05:14
 This post is going to follow up on the Damned In The Past! Session Report from the other day. The PC's are right now being debriefed by the operatives of the Invisible College. Where the PC's actually are within the Wretched Interbellum era. The timeline of Wretched Interbellum lines up very nicely with  'The Pundit Files Invisible College: the 1930's Campaign'Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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